"Ihr habt Hosen."

Translation:You have pants.

January 8, 2013



Can anyone tell the difference between "Er" and "Ihr" when spoken by the robot? They both sound like "ear" when I think "Er" should sound like "air".

December 27, 2014


I have no idea why you you downvoted. You are correct, er should sound more like air. Ihr is more like ear. You had a valid question.

February 27, 2016


One of the most frustrating things on Duolingo. Half the wrong answers I give are because there is no audible difference between Ihr and Er. But there should be.

July 27, 2018


There is audible difference, I guess we become used to it.

June 30, 2019


Sometimes when they say "essen" it sound like "ess"

October 2, 2018


I get confused when there's no context, how are we meant to guess?

August 13, 2018


What is the exactly translation of "pants"? Die Hose or Die Hosen?

April 2, 2013


Even though "pants" or "trousers" are plural in English, in German "die Hose" is singular, as is "die Jeans".

'Meine Hose ist zu kurz.' looks like 'My pants/trousers is too short', which wouldn't work in English but does in German. The plural "die Hosen" would refer to multiple pairs of pants/trousers. A school child has grown during the summer and now 'Die Hosen sind zu kurz.' Time to go school shopping!

July 24, 2013


This was very helpful! Thank you!

May 24, 2014


Thanks, it's so much clear now! I was confused because it's singular in French too: "le pantalon"

August 8, 2018


Die Hose= 1 pair of pants, die Hosen=multiple pairs of pants

October 8, 2013


Since there is only one word for singular and plural pants and trousers in English both are correct, it depends on the context.

April 15, 2013


Mostly there is NO context though!

August 14, 2018


This really confused me as a British English speaker! For me, 'pants' are underwear :S

March 28, 2013


In the USA, pants are pants. :P

November 19, 2013


God bless america!

June 2, 2014


You meant United States, because America is the whole continent.

July 17, 2014


Hey, Canadians call pants pants too.

August 11, 2014


I call 'em trousers a lot, actually.

October 22, 2014


I believe a lot of Mexicans speak Spanish and they do call pants "pantalones"

April 17, 2017


Same with Australians

December 5, 2016


Not true. "America" is a commonly accepted shortening of "The United States of America", just like how "Mexico" is a common shortening of "The United States of Mexico".

April 2, 2015


United Mexican States, but ya got close enough there, mate.

August 25, 2018


Try calling a Canadian an American. They will laugh or it'd be taken offensive. Hell, even Germans call us Amerikaner/in.

August 29, 2015



It is true though. Most european countries act as though Canada is non-existent, it's quite irritating, really.

August 25, 2018


God bless North America.

May 14, 2015


Yeah but when people say America, they are usually talking about the united states, sooo...

March 12, 2016


There's no such continent as America, only North or South. They can also be referred to as the Americas. S denoting more than one.

April 15, 2016


yes but it never said continent, it said "the lands". see what i mean?

October 12, 2016


No, actually. That’s “North America”... USA=United States Of America=America...

July 6, 2019


I live in the USA and have called pants 'pants' all my life. I have never called them trousers. I have read the word trousers in books though.

May 29, 2018


Here in Australia, pants = trousers. Bloody pommies...

April 13, 2013


Same, I am from England and I moved country and everyone was like 'I like your pants' and I was thinking 'can they see my underwear???'

June 17, 2015


Not exactly underwear, but underpants = die Unterhose

April 20, 2013


Two languages for the price of one! A youthful taste for British children's books spared me some interesting surprises.

July 17, 2013


Indeed, my reaction was, "I surely hope so" -- yet, I learned English in the US and Canada, but my family was quite clear about the difference between pants and trousers. I wonder if Americans wearing their pants on the outside is not just a symptom of informality -- or carelessness, perhaps

April 28, 2014


Superman does

July 9, 2014


Technically those are shorts worn over tights. It's based on the costumes of circus acrobats the time. Batman, however...

February 12, 2019


It's from your silly word "Pantaloons."

February 12, 2019


Are you sure? I always thought it was "panties", not "pants"

June 29, 2017


If this was a question, can i say Habt ihr hosen?

June 5, 2013


Yes, this is the correct word order for a question.

June 11, 2013


How do you know when Ihr is "you" and when it's "her"?

September 29, 2013


"Her has pants" doesn't make much sense, does it? Besides, "habt" it only used for "you plural". For "she" (sie) it will be "hat".

There is always something that tells you the correct meaning. It may be a verb form, the case that is appropriate or just context.

September 29, 2013


Hosen, does it translate to trousers or underwear? I'm british

December 11, 2014



December 13, 2014


"Ihr" is always plural "you"?

June 12, 2015


    Yes. Specifically, it's plural informal. Like, if you were talking to your friends. It's the plural equivalent of du, which is also informal. Note that ihr only needs a capital letter at the beginning of sentences.

    If you were talking to an older person or a customer for example, you would use Sie, regardless of whether you are talking to one person or several. Note that the polite Sie always has a capital letter, even in the middle of sentences.

    April 25, 2016


    Y'all isn't a word, is not proper English.

    September 4, 2017


    Although not proper, it is acceptable in American English (specifically in the southern states) and Duo will acknowledge it for plural 'you.'

    September 16, 2018


    I have put "you have pants" an it said it is wrong and "Y'all have pants" is right. really?!

    December 2, 2017


    Does "Hosen" have a singular form? I'm assuming not.

    September 5, 2013


    Yes, die Hose. Unlike English, most other languages don't refer to a single pair of pants as a plural form. So, die Hose means one pair of pants while die Hosen means two or more pairs of pants.

    October 8, 2013


    Italian uses the plural like english altough even the singular is by someone (especially taylors) used. The same is for glasses: almost everyone use the plural but the opticians prefer the singular. In german Brille is singular

    June 29, 2014


    Yes, it is "die Hose".

    September 5, 2013


    Why isn't it 'ihr haben'?

    October 7, 2016


    Whats crazy about this sentence is that in english "pants" is both singular and plural and "you" is both singular and plural. So in english the sentence "You have pants" could refer to a single person having one pair or many pairs of pants and also refer to many people having one pair or many pairs of pants.

    May 31, 2018


    I have a doubt. In my country we commonly use this expression when someone is brave, it could be used with that meaning in Germany?

    December 18, 2018


    I don't know about Germany, but that's an interesting usage. Which country are you from?

    December 18, 2018


    Oh, I am from Mexico.

    December 19, 2018


    Ah, cool. Always interesting to learn more about my neighbor country.

    December 19, 2018


    No, it doesn’t have that meaning in Germany.

    But we have a similar expression involving wearing trousers: sie hat (in der Beziehung) die Hosen an “she wears the pants (in the relationship)” means that she is the dominant person in the relationship.

    Or similarly, zeig ihr, wer die Hosen anhat! “show her who wears the pants! = show her who’s the boss!”

    December 19, 2018


    In the USA we have the same expression, the one who wears the pants in the family.

    December 19, 2018


    In British English, that would be "she wears the trousers"... https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/wear-the-trousers I would definitely understand the expression "she wears the pants", but it would sound like an "americanism" to the UK english ear.

    February 4, 2019


    Yes, trousers would likewise be well understood here but would sound very British.

    February 4, 2019


    In the US we have something similar - put your big boy/girl pants on. It means to do what you have to do, even if you don't want to do it.

    May 13, 2019


    In Australian and British English, trousers and pants are synonymous. We can use the words to describe both suit trousers and suit pants. The word, Pant/s anyway, is/are derived from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries` word: " Pantaloons."

    February 15, 2019


    Why not "Du habt Hosen"? When do you use Ihr instead of Du??

    December 23, 2015


    Du is singular, ihr is plural. Keep in mind that one says du hast and not du habt.

    December 23, 2015


    why is 'you guys got pants' wrong?

    June 6, 2016


    That would technically mean you guys received pants, in correct English it should be: you've got pants or you [guys] have got pants

    June 6, 2016


    makes sense

    June 8, 2016


    I know in english pants is always plural....is German the same way? there is never a time when I'd say "hose" right?

    July 4, 2017


      No - unlike in English, a single pair of pants is referred to in the singular in German. Ich habe eine neue Hose, for example.

      November 20, 2017


      Y'all is a regional thing. It is not the correct answer to 'Ihr'! You should accept all forms of 'you guys' (which the english language does not have a proper gender neutral form of).

      September 3, 2017


      OK, I just got corrected from "I have pants" (it was Ihr habt Hosen so I should have put "You have pants") to "Y'all have pants". Duolingo just used y'all.

      September 27, 2017


      Makes sense because "y'all" is informal plural 'you'...same as "ihr"

      September 16, 2018


      is it "you" plural or formal ?

      November 20, 2017


        ihr - plural informal
        du - singular informal
        Sie - singular/plural formal

        November 20, 2017


        I thought ihr was “you” formal? No?

        July 6, 2019


        No. As a subject pronoun, ihr is informal and plural.

        July 6, 2019


        Y'all? Well ok, I am from Alabama!

        December 15, 2017


        Such bad grammar. It should be "Do you have pants?" Not you have pants.

        December 29, 2017


        Excuse me?

        "Do you have pants?" is a question. Ihr habt Hosen. is a statement.

        Statements in English don't start with a verb. "You have pants." is the correct translation.

        "We have skirts. You have pants. They have tights."

        December 31, 2017


        Why not only pants .

        February 3, 2018


        Because "pants" does not mean the same thing as "You have pants".

        You forgot to translate the words ihr habt.

        February 3, 2018


        Ok, here in the states, no one says trousers, lol.

        March 25, 2018


        Y'all is for Yocals. What a ridiculous answer.

        April 1, 2018


        Ihr and Er sound the same. Messes me up.

        May 3, 2018


        Y'all is wrong. It is American slang and not English. It is also not the group use of you on its own that Ihr is.

        May 6, 2018


        I disagree. Y'all is literally short for 'you all.' If that doesn't imply "group use of you" then what does? And I would consider y'all more regional dialect...an acceptable contraction in the southern states that can written or verbalized formally. E.g. at the scene of a crime, a cop (slang) may ask a group of teens: "Did y'all see what happened?" In court, the judge may tell the jury: "You all have been chosen to hear this case."

        September 16, 2018


        why ihr and not du?

        May 16, 2018


        Because the speaker is talking to several people at once.

        du is used when you're speaking to one person, ihr when speaking to several of them.

        May 16, 2018


        Did anyone else get " y'all " as the correct translation???

        June 24, 2018


        I said, "I have pants." It was incorrect. Why? In English, "I have pants" can mean one or many pairs.

        September 6, 2018


        ihr habt means "you have", not "I have".

        September 6, 2018


        I have more errors with the male robot speaking because he doesn't enunciate very well, often dropping the volume of his voice you you can't hear the work clearly! So frustrating!

        September 11, 2018


        I've made the same mistake confusing "Er" and "Ihr". However, "habt" is clearly (sort of) articulated which suggests the proceeding word is more likely to be "Ihr" than "Er". This is because if the first word was "Er", the second word would have to be "hast", not "habt". Please correct me if I'm wrong ;)

        September 11, 2018


        I'm finally hearing the difference (sometimes) between ihr and er, but I still have trouble telling "r" from "h" sometimes. I thought they said "Ihr habt Rosen'. :-(

        October 5, 2018


        Why is the translation for Ihr habt Hosen "You have pants" right but when I translate "I am wearing pants" to Ich trage Hose it says it is wrong and wants me to add "eine". If that is the case then why is "You have pants" not Ihr habe EINE Hosen? This seems weird to me.

        November 2, 2018


        eine Hose is one pair of pants.

        Hosen is multiple pairs of pants.

        In the “I am wearing” scenario, “pants” must refer to one pair, since people don’t generally wear multiple pairs of pants at once. But in the “you have” scenario, “pants” most likely refers to multiple pairs of pants.

        (Ihr habt eine Hose may also be accepted, though.)

        eine Hosen does not make sense — that would be like “a shirts” (singular article with plural word).

        November 3, 2018


        Thank you!

        November 5, 2018


        Is is correct if I translate the sentence like this: You all have pairs of pants. Because it is plural, and I think it is right, but Duo doesn't accept it. Thanks!

        November 23, 2018


        In general, translate ihr simply as “you”, not “you all”.

        November 24, 2018


        Pants= hose or Hosen?

        November 24, 2018



        See the comment thread started by mvcmboucas.

        November 25, 2018


        Get rid of the female voice or use a Better one

        November 29, 2018


        Can you make it easier for people from the UK by also accepting "Trousers"

        May 19, 2019


        There are already accepted alternatives with “trousers”.

        May 19, 2019


        In NZ pants can be both underwear or pants as in trousers. It is all down to context

        June 9, 2019


        How come in this sentence pants is plural (Hosen) but in other examples like “Ich trage einen Hose” it’s singular?

        July 6, 2019


        Because in this sentence the speaker is saying that the group of listeners has multiple pairs of pants.

        (Which also makes more sense than five people all having to share one pair of pants between them.)

        While in Ich trage eine Hose, you're just wearing one pair of pants at a time.

        July 6, 2019


        Just a suggestion, but surely Duolingo could enable the ability to set the language you are learning in so that this confusion can be avoided? eg USA English for pants and UK English for trousers.

        July 9, 2019


        Duo does allow you to choose the language you are learning in -- you can learn English from German or from French, for example.

        But there is only one English to choose from as a base language, i.e. US English. (Similarly, you can only use German-from-Germany if you choose "German" as your base language; Helvetisms or Austriacisms will generally not be accepted there.)

        There is no option for UK/AU/NZ/IN/SA/... English as a learning language on Duolingo.

        July 9, 2019


        Thanks for the reply. I realise that there is no option to select the different versions of English, I was just suggesting that it would be good. I have never called trousers pants - to me pants are underwear, so when I put in Trousers as an answer for Hosen, it a little annoying to be told I'm wrong, when I know it's correct. Hopefully Duolingo can address this sometime in the future.

        July 9, 2019
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