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Free Mid/Upper-Beginner Russian 'Immersion' Resources

This is a list of resources that get away from the traditional lessons and focus more on Russian in a more natural form. Some of these tools aren't aimed at beginners but I chose them because they use slower speech, have texts with audio (or audio with transcripts), and/or have English translations. Note, I am a lower beginner so I haven't been really able to test most of these out, they're just on my to-do list once I learn more.

Texts, dialogues, cartoons, comics, and music with English translations

http://www.tasteofrussian.com/ Podcasts with transcripts

http://nclrc.org/webcasts/russian/ Archive of news summaries in slow, simplified Russian (with activities).

http://english.franklang.ru/ Texts with sentence by sentence literal translations

Tools to learn vocabulary, in context, from reading






ДО СВИДАНИЯ, ЛЕТО (Goodbye, Summer) A Russian teaching film from the BBC

Podcasts about the Russian language in Russian. The lessons might not be for beginners but spoken Russian is slower

Easy Russian- mini street interviews with Russians. Subtitled in both Russian and English

Read along children's stories
and here's a Memrise course based on these stories

Russian Dialogues and Audio Texts 1

Cornell University has several online multimedia resources for Russian students, such as Beginning Russian through film http://russian.dmll.cornell.edu/brtf/index.htm and others you can find a list of here https://russianportal.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/cornell-university-on-line-course-materials/

Leveled reading and listening exercises from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (be warned, they have higher expectations of each level than most language learning tools)

LingQ has texts with audio at all different levels that you can access for free, you just can't get the full benefit of this system without paying

RusPod dialogues on iTunes

I hope this is helpful. Does anyone have any similar resources that could be added?

November 16, 2015



Thank you for the great resources! MasterRussian is a good website to check out as well (http://masterrussian.com/)


This is a great resource - thanks, broca23!

For upper-beginners, watching movies is also a great idea. With English subtitles or Russian subtitles, it definitely helps you learn new phrases and speak more naturally.

https://russianfilmhub.com/ has hundreds of Russian and Soviet movies with subtitles, so I'd recommend that for your list


Parallel articles in English hand Russian http://engrusworld.ru - older version of the site - http://engrusworld.ru/old/


With regard to learning to speak and write within somewhat of an immersive way, I use iTalki (http://www.italki.com/) for conversing with natives and getting my writings corrected. Tandem (iOS only, http://www.tandemapp.me/) is basically like a language-learning social network where you can chat (voice or im) with others online. Probably rolling out to other platforms soon, highly recommend.

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