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  5. "Whereabouts are you walking?"

"Whereabouts are you walking?"

Translation:Где вы ходите?

November 16, 2015



"Whereabouts are you walkin?"? I am not a native speaker but I'd say this sentense is incorrect in English.


It's not incorrect, but it's very odd, at least in American English.

This translation, coupled with "having a rest" in a previous exercise, seems to indicate that there is a person from the UK doing some of these translations.

This particular translation is stylized and formal. Don't use it in the US, unless you want to seem a bit weird.


As a native English speaker we never use the word whereabouts... only if you are in the south maybe.


And in that case, it probably wouldn't be followed by "are you walking", but some other quaint usage.


One thing that might explain the peculiar use of "whereabouts" is that "Where are you walking?" in American English means "Where are you walking to?", which is not what the Russian sentence asks (I believe you'd need to use куда). With "whereabouts", the question doesn't ask where you're walking to, but rather "in what area are you walking". The fact is that "Where do you walk?" asks this same latter question, and does so with much greater efficiency and accuracy.

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