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"Come to the office at five past seven."

Translation:Yediyi beş geçe ofise gel.

November 16, 2015



Geçe means night, is there any other meaning ?


Just to clarify, "gece" is "night", whereas "geçe" means something more like "passing". E.g., "Sınıfı geçtim" = "I passed the class" (i.e., successfully completed it)


Yep...look at it here. It means "at...past..." when talking about time.


i put saat at the beginning of the sentence and it was marked wrong?


Using "saat" would not change the meaning. I think you do not need it in this case as in English there is no "o'clock" which is the literal translation of "saat" here.


"Geçe" means "past".


I was just wandering, because it's a bit confusing, what is the exact difference between 'yediyi' and 'yediye'? Like between 'Yediye Yirmi Var' and this sentence? Thanks.


When talking about minutes that passed the hour, we use the expression

--> XX (hour - accusative case) YY (minutes) geçiyor

for example: 07:10
07 --> yedi 10 --> on

yediyi on geçiyor ("about the seven" ten passed)

-yi is one of the possibilities for the accusative suffix - other options are -yu/ yü/ yı/ yi/ -u/ -ü/ -ı/ -i (this is another part of Turkish grammar you might need to review, if you don't understand it here)

Now, if you want to talk about minutes preceding the hour, you use a different expression:

-->XX (hour +1 in dative case) YY (minutes) var

for example: 06:50
06+1 --> 7 (yedi)
10 --> on

yediye on var (to seven, there is ten)

-ye is one of the options for the dative case in Turish. Others are -ye, -ya, -e, -a

again, if you haven't learned about accusative and dative cases, I suggest you take a look here in previous Duolingo lessons or type that in Google and look for a website that can explain it better to you. Anyway, that's it, hope it helped :)


Thanks alot for explainig it helped alot


yediye is dative
yediyi is accusative

Perhaps someone could clarify more detailed.


why cant we use 'kala'. Yediyi beş kala ofise gel?


I think we were supposed to use "kala" because of "at"

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