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"Oğlum her gün yatmadan önce süt içer."

Translation:My son drinks milk every day before going to bed.

November 16, 2015



Correct me if I'm wrong please:

yatmadan önce - yat (root) + madan (before)

Why do we need another before (önce) to say: before going to bed?


yatmak = to go to bed

yat is the root

yat-ma is the gerund

dan = from ("önce" always takes "-dan" as far as i know)

önce = ago (but when you say "-dan önce" it means "before")


Why is there no personal ending additionally? Is "yatmadan" lit. translated not "from his going to bed". I would have expected the suffix "si" in any place. For what reason it is remaining, for using the applative perhaps?


I think "yatmasindan" is more confusing .. it is like saying "My son drinks milk every day before HE goes to bed ("He"* is not really necessary here)


Thanks for your answer. Yes, "yatmasindan" was what I woud have expected. Only that I was not really sure were to place the "si". For me it seems more logical to put it. (before HIS going to bed) I understand that it is not really necessary.


We don't use "sı" here. Ben yatmadan önce süt içerim. Onlar yatmadan önce süt içerler.


I still don't understand this completely, perhaps somebody can help me.
Can you omit possessive ending -si here as there is only one subject?


yes, you are right. In the meantime I understood it. there is only one subject, therefore poss.ending is not necessary.


is it correct : " Oğlum her gün yatmadan önce süt içiyor . "?


Yep and it is already accepted :)


What is the semantical difference between these two translations?


There isn't one for the most part. "içer" just sounds more formal and grammatically correct.


I think: icer = drinks iciyor = is drinking


My son drinks milk every day before sleep.

Should not this be accepted as well?


I think going to bed does not mean that he sleeps. He can go to bed and before sleeping is reading there are listening music etc. To go to bed and to sleep are different verbs.


My son drinks mılk everyday before going to bed...that is what İ said.but not been accepted. Why?


İ wrote it correct! But they consedered my answer wrong

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