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[Bug] Immersion texts missing titles

Not sure why, but this article: ttp://www.duolingo.com/translation/46d89571709fb75782e73a123837f5d7

is not displaying a title for me in the Immersion pane. I had to go into the source to get the id, and it's the only document behaving in this manor for me. No title => no link to click to translate.

Edit: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/639efabcc7c9fe193ca2f44c47c5e1a6 (from the same uploader) also lacks a title for me.

http://www.duolingo.com/translation/fb114c86afb44ee395a94629b2cc6064 (from the same uploader) lacks an image on the Immersions page, and I get a 403 error in the console.

November 25, 2013



Is this still happening? I can see the title.


For 1 and 2 I can see the title too, but 3 is indeed missing an image. The image https://d2pur3iezf4d1j.cloudfront.net/images/a09b383ca4a59fcd14e9b8ab6c514d0d on page http://www.duolingo.com/translation/fb114c86afb44ee395a94629b2cc6064 shows an "access denied" error from cloudfront.


Sorry, but are you on the article page, or the list of texts to be translated? (Spanish Immersion "Popular"). Do you see an article in the list with the same title? (See my little image below for clarification)


The problem persists on my end. Chrome 31, no extensions.



Yeah, it seems that image is broken. Thanks!


Not the image - the title of the article isn't displaying, which means there's no way (for me) to access that article without looking at the source. (as the link is empty)


oh got it. We'll take a look.


FYI, you can also get to an article by clicking on the picture rather than the title.


That would have been way easier.... :P

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