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"Have you already talked with the doctor?"

Translation:Ты уже говорила с врачом?

November 16, 2015



говорил ли с врачом?

No good the owl says. But why?

[deactivated user]

    You've lost 'already' and the pronoun in your version. If you add them, you'll get: Говори́л ли ты уже́ с врачо́м. I think this answer should be accepted.


    Unrelated question, but do you know of a good source that can describe/show me the difference between щ and ш? I've had many good professors for Russian, but I've never gotten a consistent answer for this.

    [deactivated user]

      No, unfortunately I don't have a good source to direct you to. :(

      I would describe «щ» is the soft and longer version of «ш». However, this doesn’t help much since soft/hard distrinction is a language-specific thing and doesn't describe the actual pronounciation...


      Ah, missed that. I was tired. Thanks


      Why isn't it "со"? Врач starts with two consonants, what am i missing? Ty for help

      [deactivated user]

        Not every consonant cluster triggers full forms of the prepositions. This is related to the language history and it’s pretty illogical sometimes.

        Before врач, you use во (пойти во врачи 'to become a doctor', lit. 'to go into doctors'), but not со.


        почему ответ 'говорить' а не 'поговорить'?

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