"Have you already talked with the doctor?"

Translation:Ты уже говорила с врачом?

November 16, 2015

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почему ответ 'говорить' а не 'поговорить'?


Why isn't it "со"? Врач starts with two consonants, what am i missing? Ty for help

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    Not every consonant cluster triggers full forms of the prepositions. This is related to the language history and it’s pretty illogical sometimes.

    Before врач, you use во (пойти во врачи 'to become a doctor', lit. 'to go into doctors'), but not со.


    I can't get my head aroundd why the imperfective "говорить" was used instead of his perfective version. Can someone kindly explain?


    me too. my best guess is that it suggests a series of conversations with the doctor that has yet to conclude.


    After going deeper into the study of Russian grammar, I'll go out on a limb and try to explain you what I've understood, hoping it is correct :-D. In this sentence the stress is put not on the result of the action or on the consequences that it brought about , but on the action itself, that is the existence of the action. The person who's asking the question wants to know if the person he's referring to actually got around to talking to the doctor, or managed to do it. He doesn't want to know the result of the conversation, just wants to know if the conversation actually took place. In this kind of sentences, in which the emphasis is put on the action and not on its result, Russian requires imperfective aspect, and not perfective.


    My Russian teacher indeed speaks about action verbs (imperfective) and result verbs (perfective).

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