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"Dima likes watching films about war."

Translation:Дима любит смотреть фильмы о войне.

November 16, 2015



фильм про войну & фильмы о войне are both accepted but not фильмы про войну! Clearly there's a distinction I haven't understood, can anyone enlighten me? :)


It seems to be fixed.


"Дима нравится сметрить фильмы о войне". Is it wrong?


Aah found it myself :) ДимЕ нравится сметрить фильмы о войне. Dative! Do all names conjugate? Would it be: "Ерике нравится сметрить фильмы о войне." for Erik?

  1. смотреть, not сметреть.
  2. Yes all names decline, with the exception of some foreign names (for foreign names, male names decline, but women names decline only if they have traditional Russian feminine endings).
  3. ДимА becomes ДимЕ because even though it's a man's name, it has a feminine ending. Feminine words ending in -а/-я take the -e ending. For Ерик, it would become Ерику - masculine words ending in a consonant take the -у ending.
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