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  5. "Talk to the doctor."

"Talk to the doctor."

Translation:Поговори с врачом.

November 16, 2015



Could we have "поговорите с врачом"?


"Поговори с доктором" should be right answer


In the field of medicine, we use доктор and врач interchangeably, so с доктором should be accepted as an alternative answer


Говори врачу ,why is it wrong ?


The English for "говори [это] врачу" is "say it to the doctor". "Talk to the doctor" is "Говори с врачом/доктором".


Didn't think about that , thanks :)


"поговорите с врачом" was marked wrong...


Just made the same experience ...


Why not поговорите с врачом?

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between поговорите and поговори


    Only поговорите is used in talking to more than one person. In talking to one person, поговори is more informal and can only be used with a peer who you know well, a friend, a close relative or a child. It is not recommended in talking to an adult stranger (may be considered impolite).


    Why is "поговоришь" wrong if "поговорите" exists?


    The two Russian imperative forms of поговорить are поговори (informal singular) and поговорите. The plural form which is also used as a polite or formal singular form is the same for the imperative and the future: поговорите (= talk / you will talk). Поговоришь only means “you will talk” (informal singular: “thou willst talk” if you like).


    Here, the 2nd person plural form just happened to be the same as the 2nd person plural imperative. The singular imperative is different (говорить→говори, читать→читай, писать→пиши)

    Even the "plural you" form is not always the same as the imperative:

    • любить → лю́бите / люби́те
    • читать → читаете / читайте
    • жить → живёте / живи́те
    • петь → поёте / пойте
    • стоять → стоите / стойте

    Basically, it is the same for some И-conjugation verbs with fixed stress.


    I am told by duolingo to use со when followed by a word beginning with two consonants. So now they are wrong?


    Good question. A bit further up in this discussion, Dmitry_Arch answers this question.


    how do i know when to use c or co ? What is the diffrent if there is


    Со is used before words starting with 2 consonants of which the first one is ж, ш, з or с, and before any of the words второй, вторник, встреча, взгляд, взор, вздох and some words with the prefix вз- or вс-. Otherwise, the preposition will be с.

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