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French - German

I'm a French native speaker who wish to learn German. While the website is great and I have no problem to read or write in English, it can still be a bit difficult to translate some sentences from German to English because I have to pass by French first.

Long story short, I was wondering if you were going to, or had thought about, offering this services in other native language. Be it French or German (to start with).

If so, when do you think it will be done and if not, what would it take to make it possible?

May 30, 2012



I don't have any concrete information on this, but a Spanish version of this site is already available, so I guess, other languages will probably follow...


They will most likely give you the choice to choose your native language, as opposed to English being the only one available at the moment. I guess we just have to be patient haha.


Yeah, I want to translate to Spanish, not English.


I would like to learn French and German, too, please.


Well' I'm in the same boat! C'est bon de savoir qu'il y en a d'autres comme moi. Merci pour ton commentaire :) Attendons donc ensemble!


Is French available, and can I study it at the same time that I study Spanish. Also, how do I go about doing so?


Yes, it is. Yes, you can study it in parallel to Spanish. Just click on the flag on the upper right of the interface. (Due to A/B tests, your interface may look a bit different from mine)


Thank you, wataya. That's exactly what I needed to know. Have a nice day, my friend. :)

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