"Der Arm"

Translation:The arm

November 16, 2015



For one of the picture questions, Duo listed only "Arm" without the "Der", while the other body part pictures had a Der/Die/Das qualifier. Was this an error, or does "Arm" not need a qualifier?


Just a peculiarity of the lesson type. There's nothing special about the word Arm in this regard.


I can not understand what is she saying. Is it just me or do you also can't understand her here?


It's tricky when it's a short phrase that doesn't give much context... But there's unfortunately little we can do about it. Consider the problem noted, however.


I always confuse arm and hand. What's the difference?


An arm is upper arm, elbow, forearm, the wrist and the hand with four fingers and a thumb. Everything that hangs on your shoulder.

A hand is just the very last little piece with four fingers and a thumb from the wrist.

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