I am following my students in their classes. How do I prevent students from following me while I follow their progress?

November 16, 2015


Are you using a Duolingo for Schools account? I imagine right now that if you don't want students following your "real" account is to have a different account when tracking. Please explain a little about why this would be inconvenient for you as a teacher, this is interesting to us. :]

I am using "Duolingo for Schools". I was having a "beat the teacher" competition with my students. I posted my points several times throughout the week, but it seemed unfair that students could track in "real time" how many points I had accumulated. Also, I have several languages in progress and only the Spanish points were counted in my total. A second question is, how can you see the points a students has earned if they do translations? This does not show up in their scores in my "classroom"? Thanks

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