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"A whole new laboratory will be expensive."

Translation:Et helt nytt laboratorium skal være dyrt.

November 16, 2015



Why is 'vil bli dyrt' and 'skal være dyrt' correct, but 'skal bli dyrt' marked wrong?


I don't know why Duolingo would accept "skal være dyrt". To my Norwegian ears "vil bli dyrt" is the natural choice.


Det er rart. Jeg har jo hørt noen si "skal være .." også.


"Et nytt laboratorium skal være dyrt" gives more a feeling of "is bound to be expensive" or "should be expensive"(ie the total investment should be high, if you really want a top quality lab). I am afraid my English isn't fluent enough to explain it better.

"Et nytt laboratorium vil være dyrt" is a sentence you may encounter in discussions leading up to possible investments in new equipment, before the actual contract is signed to purchase.

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