"They love their parents."

Translation:Они любят своих родителей.

November 16, 2015



why is " их родителей" not accepted?

March 20, 2016


Using их is like saying that they like "their parents" but "their" is meaning another group of people. Своих is closer to saying "their own parents." In English we use the same "their" for both, but it could be confusing for whom "their" is standing in.

June 2, 2017


Why is it родителей? Is it the genitive case for plural "родител"?

November 16, 2015

[deactivated user]

    Nominative singular is «роди́тель» 'parent', genitive singular is «роди́теля».

    Nominative plural is «роди́тели», genitive plural is «роди́телей».

    November 16, 2015


    What is the gender of родитель?

    March 15, 2019


    And why is the genitive used instead of the accusative?

    November 16, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, sorry, it's accusative here of course. For animate plural nouns, accusative is always the same as genitive.

      November 17, 2015


      I'm confused about when to use любит vs любят

      February 9, 2019
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