"Анна у своих родителей."

Translation:Anna is at her parents'.

November 16, 2015

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" Parents' " not " parents "


I agree there must be an apostrophe


I think it is a programming error. The apostrophe appears in the answer sentence at the top of the page, but it is omitted in the word-choice exercise.


Why, and what is the meaning of the sentence? At her parent's house?


Yes. "At her parents' " with 'house' or 'place' implied but not written.


I would love if we could just ditch using Anna in examples.


when doing a listening exercise with this sentence, is there a good way to distinguish between "Анна" and "Она"?


анна has emphasis on the first syllable. она is on the second


also Анна is somewhat longer.

Personally I hope this worka for 12 vs 19


why use y? why not Ha or B?


So when you say "someone's at some other's place" you use the accusative?

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    No, you actually use the «у» preposition + genitive.

    «У» has a number of uses. You must have seen it in the sentences like «у меня́ нет кни́ги» 'I don't have a book' (you could understand it as 'at my place, there's no book' if that helps).


    она and анна have the same pronunciation, this is boring...


    Listen more closely: Анна stresses the first consonant and она stresses the second. Duo has been consistent with these different pronunciations since the 'Alphabet' basics.

    Boredom does tend to result from stunted observations. Or maybe you just need headphones... like Duo keeps suggesting.


    I really hate the fact она and Анна sound identical with the female voice. I get questions wrong all the time because of that.

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    I wrote "Anna at her parents'" as a kind of underline for a photo or something. Would that be the same? Should it be accepted?


    what is the meaning of this sentence ?


    What does this mean? Duo's not giving me the English translation.


    " Anna is at her parents' "


    How many Anna'a are there in Russia? Stupid lingvo uses this to confuse non Russian speskers to see if they can distinguish the Анна from она.


    To be fair, Anna is a VERY common name in Russia. However, I agree that it is a terrible name to use in listening exercises.


    Can't differentiate Anna and Она. Even my phone's speech recognition app gets this wrong.


    Why it cant be "by her parents"? Please explain...


    may be you could report it, perhaps just no added .

    because i seen the sentence from exercise: "Этот человек у двери. — This person is by the doors."

    from post in forum: " Ivan's cat is by the house — кошка Ивана -- около/у его до́ма (genitive) "

    so if "Anna is by her parents" belong to proper Еnglish sentence , reported it and to wait maintainer added.


    What is the difference between своих and её


    "Её" means "her". "Своих" is a reflexive possessive that refers to the subject of the sentence. So it means "her" if the subject of the sentence is "she". If the subject is "he", it means "his": "Иван у своих родителей". If the subject is "I" it means "my": "я у своих родителей". etc.

    You can technically use "её" here, but it would make the sentence ambiguous, because it could refer to some other woman's parents. Using "своих" makes it clear that Anna is visiting her own parents.

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