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How long would it take me to complete the Norwegian language tree?

Hi guys, I have started using duolingo yesterday, and I was wondering what is the average time that it takes to complete a language tree (in hours). If anyone has ever completed the Norwegian one, how much did it take them?

November 16, 2015



just finished mine and it took 75 days (one streak freeze used).


Tyty ^^ you are done too I take it?


Ha ha.... nope. I only managed to do 20xp the last two weeks so I had to fervently revive my decaying tree before going on LOL


I haven't finished the tree yet but just thought i'd chip in. It really depends on how many lessons and such you do a day. As for hours I would have no clue. What I often do is count all the lessons I have left and then think about how many lessons I could do a day. Then I divide these numbers to find out how many days (roughly) I will finish it in. This would also give you a rough outline of how many hours it will take.


From 101 days ( =P ) of following posts on here, I've kind of noticed two reoccurring trends in completed trees? There's the people who do lessons and never strengthen until they finish the tree, and the ones who strengthen along the way and don't start new lessons unless everything else is gold beforehand. Assuming you put in a decent amount of time every day and can be consistent about it, the former folks seem to finish around the 40-50 day mark, and the latter seem to finish between 90-110. I'm sure tons of folks fall outside of that but it's just what I've noticed.

You just started two days ago and you're level 8? =D You'll finish in no time, hahaha


Never strengthening until you reach the end of the tree seems like a phenomenally bad idea, wouldn't you just forget everything you've learned?


You can repeat after you finish ;)

Seriously speaking, in Norwegian around second half of the tree there are mostly vocabulary lessons. So you don't basically learn anything new, just expanding your word list. Which can be quite boring and demotivating, if not combined with anything else. So as for me, I did reeeeeally a lot of practicing till around Nature lesson until it all became automatic and effortless, and after that did not crave maniacally to keep all lessons golden. They will be learned eventually but I personally feel that sticking to each and every word lesson could undermine your interest. Grammar, verbs, adverbs first - the language carcass. The flesh, i.e. extended vocabulory, will grow on it naturally.


I am of the former group. xD I just want to get through the tree first, have it complete...and then go back and strengthen. I should be done with the tree within the next week, and I am on day 57 right now. I would probably already be done if I wasn't also doing Spanish, strengthening my Danish, and starting Dutch. xD


i går var jeg på comping


It took me about three months, with keeping all skills golden. Though I probably had an average of about 80 Exp. per day.

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