"I do not have a grandfather."

Translation:У меня нет дедушки.

November 16, 2015

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What's wrong with дед?


"У меня нет деда" should be accepted. Duo developers do not like short Russian words and expressions. They probably think the longer the better.


У меня нет деда still isn't accepted. Although this is an absolutely right and a normal answer. I reported.


Only because I find this kind of thing very interesting since starting to learn Russian through this course (and NOT to be grammar police), I just want to share that this is a terrific example of word order significantly changing the meaning of a sentence in English. "...isn't still accepted" means that something was previously accepted but isn't accepted now. "...still isn't accepted" means that something was never accepted and remains not accepted. Have a nice day! :)


You are fine. Thank you for correcting my grammar! I need it! I have fixed my wrong sentence thank to your notice. I really appreciate your help. Have a good one!


Why is the accusative of дедушка дедушки instead of дедушку? I thought this kind of masculines were declined on their "femenine" form. Plus дедушка ends in а.


That's the genitive form,. "Нет" requires the genitive for negation.


Right, when you use negative the genitive case must be used. Declinations are hell for a speaker of a language where declinations don't even exist...


It's not about negatives, it's specifically about the word нет.


Всё тут нормально


I don't get it, why do you use a plural, because a grandfather is only one, not two or three. What is the rule here to select the right words? You never taught me the exception of the rules.


It's not plural. Remember that words after нет are in genitive. Genitive singular of дедушка is дедушки. This is the same as the nominative plural form, something which is true for most feminine and neuter form words.


Дед still marked wrong. Reported it. 1th June '19

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