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  5. "Vi elsker kattene."

"Vi elsker kattene."

Translation:We love the cats.

November 16, 2015



Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from kattene Joe?


So... -er is plural, -ene is plural with "the"?


That's right! You'll often see the former referred to as the indefinite plural, and the latter as the definite plural. :)

Just beware that the neuter nouns follow a different declination pattern.


Who doesn't?


Why not: We love cats?


That would be vi elsker katter. _Kattene_is the definitive form:the cats


Sorry, but I heard DE not VI.


Are the two Ts silent?


Double Ts are barely pronounced when they are followed by -ene or -ende


Jeg elsker kattene


Tell me if this is right:

"Vi elsker katter"

= We love cats (in general). Example: a culture that puts cats in a place of honor, regardless of opinion on any specific cat and not with reference to any specific cat. Possibly this could be heard in a classroom discussion with students of Norwegian who are explaining to their peers which animals are popular in their home countries.


"Vi elsker kattene"

= We love THE cats (a specific group). Example: the cats someone owns. Sentence could be heard from someone sitting nearby discussing the cats with a guest, expressing fondness for these specific pets.


"Vi elsker disse kattene" [?]

= We love these (specific) cats. Similar to "Vi elsker kattene" but very specifically and unambiguously referring to a group of cats you are showing someone.

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