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Lesson strength going down every day?

This is my first duolingo course and is it normal for the strength bars to go down every single day on multiple lessons? And if I don't make them stronger they go down even more! I don't have time to practice old lessons and do new lessons every day. My goal is set on serious but that it only 3 lessons per day

November 16, 2015



As you continue to strengthen the lessons, and answer correctly and without looking at the hints (some people don't realise Duolingo tracks that!), your tree will become solidly gold and it won't ask you to practise so often.

I have a complete tree (EO) that I spent some time getting 'solid' gold, and I was getting to the point where maybe I would have one or two skills degild each day, maximum. I've pretty much completely neglected it since Russian came out - I've done maybe 2-3 general practices in a week - and I currently have about 9-10 skills not gold out of the whole tree.

Moral of the story; be patient, keep chipping away. As time goes on and you prove to Duo you know what you've completed, your skills will keep gold longer. I have seen no evidence the EO tree is set up any differently from the others in terms of how fast skills depreciate.

NB: I raced through the EO tree when it first came out and made no attempt to keep the bottom part gold. I'm doing the same for Russian.

It may or may not be the best way to do it, and you know best whether that's doable for you, but it can work. If you find new skills are giving you trouble because you don't know previous stuff, then you probably need to do more revision, but if you're assimilating the new stuff reasonably well, there's no rule that says you have to keep the earlier parts of your tree entirely gold before you move on.


The better you do with the strengthening, the longer they stay gold, I believe. A lot of people run through like 20 lessons in a day, but then are overwhelmed and have a hard time remembering things when they have to keep their bars gold.

My suggestion is to not do too many lessons at once; do maybe one or two a day and then do 2-3 rounds of strengthening. You'll learn a bit and then reinforce your skills from before.


It's normal

If you somehow get to have looooooooots of "unstrengthened" lessons, try reviewing he words in the "words" section (at the left of Activity and at the right of Home)

Then when you review a lesson, generally more than 1 gets regilded. And if there is a lesson which has really few words to review, it gets gold again right after you finish reviewing the words in the words section.

I use it :)


It just means that you need to do more work to remember the material.

My suggestion if you're doing three lessons a day, is to do two reviews and one new lesson. Slowly everything will turn gold again, but it will stay interesting because you'll still be learning new words.


My lesson strength has been going down like CRAZY. I'm literally spending hours every day keeping my tree gold. It was gold this evening, but it probably won't be when I wake up.

However... I can say that initially, I needed to strengthen a lot. The last several lessons have been easier, but there was a section where everything was difficult. I'm guessing that as I'm finding these newer lessons easier, I'll see these skills degrade a little more slowly.

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