"Мама уже на работе."

Translation:Mom is already at work.

November 17, 2015

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Is there anything wrong with saying "Mom already is at work"?


I don't see anything wrong, except the verb to be is usually placed before the adverb, just after the subject: "Mom is already at work"


For emphasis, it is acceptable to put the adverb nearer the front of the sentence but the standard word order puts it after the verb. Duolingo seems to require standard word order unless it does not.


Just nothing! Your sentence is full tru we are learning Russian language not English!


работе pronounced in Spanish gave me the laughs!


How does that sound like


Palote means a big palo, and a palo is a stick. Palote is a casual way to refer to the state of a penis when it's erect.


I am in Arizona surrounded by Palo Verde. Thanks to you, I will never forget работа.


Работе sounds almost the same as "rabote" = big tail. And in some parts of Spain "rabo" (tail) is used as euphemism for penis


Tu mama ya esta en el rabote jajaj


Así que la palabra para trabajo en ruso es como la palabra para rabote en español. El Robot. Hmmm.


Pаботе sounds alot like it's being pronounced with a P at the beginning, can anyone else hear it?


I think it's the на you're hearing, I can still hear the rolled R in работе


how do u pronounce uzhe!!!


Wiktionary usually has spoken audio samples for Russian. If you can read IPA, then it also helps.


i answered "mom is already at the work", so why is this wrong?


and later i tried this answer "mom is already at work", and it has been accepted, ❤❤❤?


@jrusitahabla - In English we don't say "the work" when talking about it as a location, which is how it is used in this exercise.

"The work" as a process/a thing is fine, though. If the sentence were "Мама уже начала работу", then "Mom already started the work" would sound OK (as long as we knew what work was being talked about).


This lady pronounces /те/ not the way Russian people do. It must be softer like /tse/, not /te/. When т or д goes with е or и, they become softer. Is that right, Russian gentle people?


Mom should have been correct too


The «т» in «работе» is supposed to sound soft. The audio sample reads it like a hard «т» which sounds like «тэ».


Why is it работе and not робота?


When you use the preposition "na" to describ the physical location of somebody or something, it puts the noun in prepositional case. The -a ending becomes -e in such case. Words that end in -ie and -iya take the -ii ending (Stantsiya -> na stantsii). If it's a masculine word ending in a consonant then you add a -e to the end of it (kompyuter - v kompyutere)

When the preposition "na" is used to describe the destination of an action (going to a place, setting something down on something), then it'll be accusative, and the -a in rabota becomes an -u (rabotu).

I am sorry for the translit, do not have the RU keyboard set up on my phone.


How do you turn on the Russian letters? ????? I try to spell it the way I think it should be pronounced, but you always tell me it's spelled wrong. Of course it's wrong. I need the Russian letters!


I had to turn it on my settings in my phone.


Now the answer is: Mom is clearly at work


This goes for all the words- i think you should have everyone pronouce words that are used often then start teaching sentences


I wrote "Mum is already in work". This should definitely be right


What is wrong with 'Mum is already in work'????? Marked as incorrect...wt...


I got marked wrong for writing "Mom is already at work".... Reported it

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