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  5. "I am a girl, and you?"

"I am a girl, and you?"

Translation:Я девочка, а ты?

November 17, 2015



Is there a difference between девочка and девушка? This answer seems to accept both. I've also seen it spelled different ways on other learning sites and in exercises and such but I can't figure out why.

I'm just wondering if there's some subtlety I'm missing.


"Девочка" = very young girl, typically under the age of 12 or so, while "девушка" = a teenage girl or young woman. "Девушка" can also be "girlfriend" in some contexts, particularly when used with a possessive (e.g. "моя девушка" = "my girlfriend").


Девочка = girl; девушка = young lady. I heard that Девушка can also be used to address a waitress, even if she is not so young.


I heard sb addressing waitress like that. A young man. But isn't it rude?


Not necessarily, I would think. The French word for boy is "garcon", and we were told that this is how patrons address waiters.


Could someone please explain why "а" is used here instead of "и"?


"а" implies (at least a little) contrast. "и" is generally used for lists of things, where there is no contrast.


He does this and (а) she does that. He and (и) she do this.


At least from what I understand.


It seems to me that "и" is "and" while "а" is "while" "но" is "but". You can use "and" with a sound of "while" in English too. Can someone native English and native Russian tell if this approach could work?


I'm not a native Russian nor a native English speaker, but my insight into this is the following:

  • и - and
  • а - whereas
  • но - however
  • зато - although
  • пока - while


It seems a bit strange to me to use the informal ты with someone (presumably a correspondent) whom you do not know well enough to know the gender of! Is this because if I am a девочка I must be a child, and am speaking to another child? Would a single female adult ever decribe herself as a девочка?


Ya doge. Posmotrite na moyu kartinu. Ochen wow!


Who even asks this kind of question? XD


Someone who is communicating over the Internet ;)


maybe then XD I imagined a little girl in the playgroung who talks with another kid XD


I used и in this sentence as it seemed it could go either way between this and а, given the question. If the "девочка" doesn't know whether to expect that the other person is a boy or a girl, why does it matter which conjunction is used - unless she is expecting the other person to be a boy, in which case there's no need for the question - ?


Would 'а тебя' be acceptable?


No, because тебя is accusative and the nominative is needed here. The implied sentence is "I am a girl, and/but you are a boy/adult/alien." So "you" is the subject of the second clause (and the verb is omitted because Russian does not use a present tense of "to be"). Hence "you" needs to be in the nominative case, which is ты.


Hard question...i ahve not decided yet whether i am a girl or not


I had every letter correct. Am I getting dinged because I did not capitalize the beginning of the sentence?

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