"There is a box on the table."

Translation:На столе коробка.

November 17, 2015

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What is wrong with На столе лежит коробка? There was another sentence that used лежит in a similar fashion.

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    «На столе́ лежи́т коро́бка» should be accepted too. Please use the 'Report a Problem' button next time you get this sentence.


    Лежит would imply the box is on it's side, wouldn't it?


    Лежит- this is like the box is lying on the table.


    Would, "The box is on the table" be wrong?


    "The box is on the table" - "Коробка на столе", "There is a box on the table"- " На столе коробка". The native will understand ... but the duolingo will not accept, because these are different phrases


    What's the difference between коробка and каробке?


    Коробка is accusative, каробке is locative.


    there is two mistakes here...
    1)коробка - (кто?who is it? что?what is it?) is nominative, accusative (кого?что? who(what) do I see?) коробку,
    2)locative (где?where is it(he\she)?) в кОробке


    A box - коробка. In the box - В кОробке.


    What is the difference between в and на ? Is the same say: "на столе коробка" than "в столе коробка" ? I still can't see any pattern here

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      The basic meaning is:

      • «В» is ‘in, inside’.
      • «На» is ‘on, on the surface of’.

      «В столе» would man the box is inside a drawer of the table. «На столе» means it’s placed on the table.


      Коробка скорее стоит, чем лежит.


      Righto Duo, you are right into using находится, also to a point of being pedantic or obsessive So what is wrong with "на столе находится каробка"?


      What is wrong with На столе стоит коробка? I thought we were supposed to use стоит for when describing an object in relation to another, as it stands on the table

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