"Вона слабка журналістка."

Translation:She is a weak journalist.

November 17, 2015

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This is confusing to me. While "She is a weak journalist" makes sense, it is a strange sentence.

It would be more appropriate to say, "She is a poor journalist."

However, I thought слабки meant physically weak and if so then this sentence is certainly confusing.


Слабкий could mean a variety of things, not only physically weak. I'd say that your translation is better here, but it may really depend on context.


Both the suggested translation ("she is a weak journalist") and Crookfingerjake's alternative ("she is a poor journalist") sound natural but ambiguous to me.

I don't understand the variety of meanings of "слабкий", but if it can mean both "physically weak" and "bad", then maybe "weak" is a better translation than "poor" because it preserves the ambiguity (unless "слабкий" can also mean "lacking wealth").


In English poor does not necessarily mean without wealth, but can also mean low quality work or a term or pity for someone or something.


Вона слабка журналістка, але у сумці тримає револьвер, тому жартувати над нею не радимо



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