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  5. "дверь в комнату"

"дверь в комнату"

Translation:a door to the room

November 17, 2015



Shouldn't "A door into the room" be right as well?


I don't think that is correct English. Or at least, I've never heard it said. A 'doorway' can be 'into' a room, but a 'door' is blocking the entrance, so I guess that's why it would be incorrect.


why is it not в комнате?

[deactivated user]

    Technically «дверь в ко́мнату» (with Accusative case) is the door leading to the room, «две́рь в ко́мнате» (with Prepositional case) is the door inside the room, but in most cases these phrases are pretty much interchangeable.

    «В» is one of the prepositions that changes meaning depending on whether it’s used with the accusative case or with the prepositional case.

    However, since the English translation says 'to the room' and not 'in the room', this course probably won’t accept «две́рь в ко́мнате».


    I was hoping to find this exact answer!


    Im at a loss at this anyone. I thought it would mean " there is a door in the room"

    [deactivated user]

      'A door in the room' requires the prepositional case. Дверь в комнате.

      'A door to the room' requires the accusative. Дверь в комнату.


      Same here. Though there is obviously a reason why the meaning is different. Any answers from someone more proficient would be appreciated!


      "The door to the room" was refused and corrected to "A door to the room".


      It was accepted for me.


      That definite/indefinite article business again!


      "the door to a room" seems to be correct, but how about "a door to the room"? How does one know the difference?


      Given that "room" is in the accusative case I can't see why "The door into the room" is not allowed


      That seems reasonable


      With the new voices this sounds like "двери в комнату".


      I typed the door to room and it was correct,I thought it was going to mark me wrong lol

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