"моя дверь"

Translation:my door

November 17, 2015



Is this always feminine singular in Russian?

It's plural in Slovak (dvere) and I thought that was a general Slavic thing (originating from the fact that doors were often in pairs, or something like that).

November 17, 2015

[deactivated user]

    In Russian, you can use both the singular 'дверь' and the plural 'две́ри' to mean one door.

    November 17, 2015


    Is the plural the same as the singular or was that a typo?

    November 17, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      It’s a typo, sorry: it should be «две́ри». I've edited my previous sentence.

      November 17, 2015


      Thank you very much for the answer!

      November 17, 2015


      Can anyone else not hear the the "r" sound in "дверь"? is this normal? I understand that the "р" is softened because of 'ь", but it still sounds like "Dvee" to my ears, when the recording says it..

      January 17, 2016


      Sounds like a 'd' to me.

      February 5, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        This is because in many varieties of English, d and t are pronounced as [ɾ]. However, Russian д and т are never pronounced this way, and in Russian [ɾ] is a variant pronounciation of /r/.

        February 5, 2016


        Just to clarify on the English side: specifically, [ɾ] is how many Americans pronounce the d/t in the middle of words like butter and ladder. (It’s not the primary pronunciation of d/t in any major variety of English, as far as I know.)

        June 15, 2017


        I had to look it up. It's with the r sound

        February 13, 2019

        [deactivated user]

          I can hear «рь», and it is OK to my ear.

          January 17, 2016


          I can barely hear it, but only by listening really hard. Another computer voice pronounced more of the "r" than here. If I were going to err on one side or another, I'd put more "r" into it than less - at least make the "r" sound more audible than here. Later on, with more experience, I might and probably would change it. I just think it's better to get the audible "r" in there so you remember it. The mind can play tricks on you if you don't learn to sound the letters in a word. It's much easier to drop them than to add them, aurally speaking.

          April 14, 2017


          The "r" sound is very subtle, just barely there, certainly not trilled. If you wear headphones and turn the sound up you'll probably be able to make it out.

          April 28, 2017


          It happened to me. .. but when i press many times the audio button the sound is complete. .. like a bug

          December 3, 2018


          I understand that the ь makes the preceding consonant "palatised", that is, with your tongue at the roof of your mouth right? If that's or rent then how on earth does anyone pronounce р with their tongue at the roof of their mouth?

          March 1, 2016


          That really helps me figure out pronunciation here. Thanks. Have a lingot.

          April 14, 2017


          If that's correct* (damn autocorrect)

          March 1, 2016


          It is correct. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8256103 Alphabet

          Check this memrise course at the 4th lesson is a video that explains in detail hard and soft pronunciation. http://www.memrise.com/course/78454/learn-basic-russian/4/

          March 9, 2016


          I've practised that a lot. But I believe it's more common for the palatised р to be pronounced as a tap, kind of like the "tt" in the American pronunciation of "butter". Of course this tap is also palatised.

          August 7, 2019


          Why is it "моя" is дверь feminine?

          March 31, 2016


          That's right; дверь is feminine. See e.g. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B4%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D1%8C .

          March 31, 2016


          дверь sounds like dvyed to me. isn't it supposed to sound like dvyer?

          October 28, 2018


          It is.

          July 18, 2019


          Door is "dver," not "dvee" like the voice pronounced it. Cheap software, I guess.

          November 21, 2017


          What was the difference between мой and моя?

          April 23, 2018


          You use мой before a masculine noun and моя before a feminine noun.

          April 24, 2018


          There's something wrong with this exercise - the exercise is in English, showing "My door", while the audio is in Russian. When I type the Russian, I get it "wrong" because I'm supposed to type "My door".

          April 28, 2018


          I visualise a door off its hinges!

          March 27, 2019


          I must say that this is the only language learning facility that fails to demonstrate a word's given gender, and simply relies on punishment as a teaching tool.

          While punishment can be effective, since I was able to hear моя and realize that what followed must be a feminine noun, it was only just now that I learned from Duolingo what the gender of дверь is.

          I feel like I come away from each lesson with a lingot, a crown, and a lot of lashings on my back for not knowing things by prescience.

          June 30, 2019



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          November 25, 2016
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