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"The blue suit is a little better, that's why I bought it."

Translation:Синий костюм немного лучше, поэтому я и купил его.

November 17, 2015



what's the "и" in "я и купил его" for?


Emphasizes the truth of the following verb. "Есть" can also be used, but it is omitted. For example:

Я и бросил купить. - I STOPPED smoking!

Он и (есть) тот человек.‎ - He IS that man!


This should be in Tips and Notes


Just a note: купить - to buy курить – to smoke


Both makes you waste money :(


Totally interesting remark! For me it's completely natural because I'm a native Serbian (also a Slavic language) and we have the same phrase, but I never thought about how it's actually a phrase


The question is still if it is really wrong to omit the и


It probably isn't but if it's not marked as incorrect, it's harder to remember At least for me


It isn't wrong. My answer was accepted without the и


Another etymological "aha!":

Немного = не много = "not a lot" = " a little"


Correct me if I am wrong, but prefixing "по-" to an adverb/adjective makes it "a little" something right? E.g. for this sentence I wrote "Синий костюм получше, поэтому я купил его". But now I am writing this, the sentence seem a little bit off to me/not exactly correct. I mean, I don't think I've heard people use the prefix this way. Can somebody clarify when it is grammatically permissible to use this prefix?


Yes, this is one of the meanings of the prefix по- (used only with comparative forms of adjectives and adverbs though), and your sentence is correct, just less formal.


hmmm, почему "его"?


"That's why I bought IT" Костюм is masculine in Russian, so you use accusative form of the pronoun он.


but it is not animate .i am confused again:).


any object has gender. it does not have to be animate.


его = accusative object


Can someone explain why we say "этот костюм лучше" вместо "этот костюм лучший"? Why use the adverb, and not adjective, when describing the suit?


"Лучший" is "the best". "Лучше" is "better".


iOS Duolingo only gives me the option “There is a problem with this exercise” when reporting, which is massively unhelpful, but the comma here in the English sentence should be a semicolon. Comma splices can make sentences confusing.


"синий костюм немножко лучше поэтому я купил его" not accepted June 2019. seem "немножко" is a little bit informal for DUO :(


why поэтому я и его купил wrong?


You can't separate "и" and "купил", otherwise the meaning would change. Your suggestion would mean "that's why I bought it too [in adition to some other purchase I made]".

It this case "и" must be directly attached to the word it affects. For example if you say "поэтому и я его купил" would mean "that's why I, too, bought it"


I don't understand the emphasis here. The suit is compared to another one so as I see it, that's его, "this suit" which is important... and already at the end of the sentence. Why would we emphasize the verb купить here ?


This confuses me as well If we emphasize купить it feels like buying as opposed to stealing the suit Putting the emphasis on THIS suit, or THAT'S why makes much more sense to me


да где здесь и??? просто поэтому я купил его.


I didn't really get why его used here, instead of он, since костюм belongs to inanimate objects, isn't it? Could someone explain this to me, please?


I would say that you cannot buy "he" what would mean "OH", but you can buy "him" which would mean "ero". So, now my example has to be abstracted, but I cannot do it right now in English :-D


How do we know when to use "и" for emphasis? We cannot read the speaker's mind. What is he/she emphasizing, and why?

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