"Sana diyorlar."

Translation:They are telling you.

November 17, 2015



Why not "they are saying to you"?

May 7, 2017


Saying is like just talking im General while telling is addressing someone

September 2, 2019


How about [They are speaking to you] ?

November 17, 2015


"Seninle konuşuyorlar" (literally, "they are speaking with you")

konuşmak "speak, talk" and demek "say, tell" are different in both English and Turkish :)

November 17, 2015


Thank you! So far I know three words that have a similar meaning: demek, söylemek, and konuşmak. Could you or anyone further explain me the difference between those?

November 17, 2015


"Demek" is used with direct quotes, or quote-like phrases:

"Geliyorum," dedi. ; Hayır dedim. ; Yeter dediler.

"Söylemek" is used with reported speech:

Geldiğini söyledi. ; Hasta olduğunu söyledi.

Other than that, both "Ona dedim" and "Ona söyledim" (I told him / I said to him) are fine.

There are certain expressions that only allow one and not the other, for instance: yalan söylemek to tell a lie, (and never yalan demek).

English has these peculiarities too. You can say "to tell a story", but not "to say a story", for example. So, these instances must be learnt as fixed expressions.

November 17, 2015


But here is not mentioned what he is saying so why isn't accepted my answer - they are saying to you?

September 19, 2017


It looks lıke the wrong verb has been used!

May 7, 2018


They are saying to you is correct, too !

November 28, 2018


"Sana diyorlar." Translation: They are telling you.

"They are talking to you." - Baska doğru İngilizce cevap. Answered (26/10/2018)

October 26, 2018


Can we say Onlar sana diyor??

October 27, 2018


Hello ShahedSham2

"Onlar sana diyor" They are talking to you. I'm reading this over & over again. I understand what you are saying as being correct. Diyor - Says, Diyorlar - They say. The verb used by Duo needs clarification? The tips & notes - verbs present continuous. I must be honest & say I do not fully understand them. 90% of my given answers on this topic are correct though.

October 27, 2018
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