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  5. "Миска риса — там."

"Миска риса там."

Translation:The bowl of rice is there.

November 17, 2015



Can't you translate this as there's a bowl of rice there?


I suspect that would be там миска риса but I'm not really sure.


Well, it's actually "Миска риса — там." Notice the dash. In Russian, it's equivalent for есть (there is). Even without the dash the translation would still be the same.

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In Rusian are equally: "миска риса - там = миска риса там = там миска риса", but better spelling is "миска риса - там" or "там миска риса". "Миска риса там" (without a dash) is worse, but right too


Isn't миска риса - там mean 'the bowl of rice is there' when someone asks you where is the bowl of rice? Meanwhile там миска риса mean there is a bowl of rice there, when answering someone asking what is there? Correct me if I'm wrong.

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You are right.

Я имел в виду утверждение без вопроса. I meant a statement without a question.

Если учитывать, на какой вопрос дается ответ, то действительно получаются разные смыслы у "миска риса там" и "там миска риса".

If we take into account which question is answered, then really would be the different meanings for the "миска риса там" and "там миска риса".


Well, the answers to this comment just confused me. Can anyone give a more definite answer? I'm not sure whether to report it or not.


OK, three months later and still no response. I shall now report this.


I'm not sure how long ago this was written but hopefully this response will help others too.

«Миска риса — там» means "a/the bowl of rice is there." Here is a breakdown: миска (a/the bowl) риса (of rice) — (is) там (there) An example of when this sentence would be used is if someone asks where the bowl of rice is located.

«Там миска риса» means "there is a bowl of rice there." Breakdown: там (there) миска (a bowl) риса (of rice) This sentence would most likely be used just to express an observation. "Oh, would you look at that." :)


"The rice bowl is there" is correct but duo marks it as wrong


I find it very strange that DL does not accept rice bowl in stead of bowl of rice. Google translates actually to rice bowl when i translate the German equivalent into English.


Whats the diffrences between рис and риса?


Рис is nominative case, риса is genitive case.


Please check this question it doesnt work


The microphone is glitching out for me, before i even start to speak it says im wrong


Зачем тут of?


To me and my mom, it sounded like Ниско риса там. Who ever says the words makes them sound wrong


A rice bowl (if that is or could be a type of bowl) would be рисая миска?


No :) There is no any rice bowl in russiа аnd there is no word рисая in russian. But it was a good joke.


Why is "the bowl with rice is there"


That is not how it is said in English — "with" is used for things that are BESIDE one another, so this doesn't work because the rice in INSIDE the bowl.


Why was "There is a bowl of rice over there" not accepted? I don't know if it's an error in Duolingo or myself


Там is just "there". For "over there", you need "вон там".


why doesn't it accept there ia a bowl of rice? Isn't that the same thing as the bowl of rice is there?


How do i say of, for example, tea of rooibos


Я писала хорошо


Можно перевести по разному...

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