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"Sen çorba ve bir bira içersin."

Translation:You drink soup and a beer.

November 17, 2015



Hello! Is it correct, that in turkish you "drink" soup? I am wondering, because in German we "eat" soup... Thanks!


Yes, Turks "drink" soup... and also cigarettes (sigara içmek) :)


And also medicines and pills. :)


Ah, like Japanese? Interesting; thanks!


It is the same in Urdu. We too drink medicines (syrup), cigarettes and soup.


Nai golian khatey han or syrup peetay han and ya cig we drink quite funny though


Like Russian too :)


Russian eats soup, but usually drink medicine and smoke cigarette. But Turkish drinks all of them


That is so funny! I love languages! Thank you :)


Is there an explanation why the word "drinking" is used when consuming cigarettes?


Because i think we inhale something when do it


In English you say "You eat soup and drink a beer." We don't say "drink" with soup unless you are using a glass or cup to actually drink it, instead of eating it from a bowl. "A beer" means one glass or one bottle of beer. If you say "you drink beer" that means you generally drink beer.


I saw other sentences that used yemek for çorba?


You drink soup and a beer ----> You drink a soup and beer

These are pretty much the same thing, but I did the one on the right hand side and it was marked wrong. Why??


Because bir is used for beer not for both of them


Bir bira can also be one beer. They shouln't count it as a mistake

[deactivated user]

    I answered " You eat soup and a beer " and it was marked correct. As long as I know the correct verb to use in these sentences is the one that is suitable for the closest item or object in the sentence in which right now it is " beer " in Turkish and " soup " in English.

    I hope I was clear


    Eat a beer? With drink it makes much more sense together


    ilginç olan cümlenin kendisi, "Çorba ve Bira" :) Cümle eğitim amaçlı biliyorum. ama bir o kadar da komik ve ilginç, Çorba ile bira içeni hiç görmedim. Arada Alkol alırım ama çorbanın yanında bira denemedim, Sanırım Deneyeceğim :)


    My challenge is as follows: I wrote "You drink the soup and a beer" and I was marked wrong. Can any native Turkish-speaking person shed more light?


    you drink soup = sen çorba içersin

    you drink the soup = sen çorba içersin

    (a definite direct object takes the accusative case in Turkish)


    We can,t say a beer we say only beer


    My answer in English of "You eat soup and drink a beer" was marked wrong. I fully understand that you "drink" soup in Turkish but this was meant to be an English translation, in which case converting the verb to eat (for the soup) would be considered more correct. Although you can drink soup in English, it's less commonly used and would specify a drinking vessel. I think the correct options in this case need widening.


    Sen çorba ve bir bira içersin


    A minute ago we were eating soup, now drinking soup


    A minute ago we were eating soup, now drinking soup

    I think it has always been "eating soup" in English and çorba içmek in Turkish.


    Chinese drink soup as well


    يا أصدقاء هي ألسألى كتير سهلة

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