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"Grattis! Du har klarat av det svenska trädet!"

Translation:Congratulations! You have completed the Swedish tree!

November 17, 2015



I'd like to thank the moderators for all their effort!

[deactivated user]

    Proud moment! Man, this really took me a long time. Big thanks to everybody who worked on this tree!


    thanks a lot to all the volunteers who devote their personal time to sharing their native language with complete strangers. that's truly priceless. i have some feedback on the application and several suggestions to make about the course and have been meaning to post them on the website since i finished the course months ago. i haven't done that but intend to do it as soon as possible.


    Tack sa mycket svensk trupp! :)


    I have ten more questions Duo.


    Vad roligt! I still have to finish the other rounds though, now that Duolingo has given that option


    Jag behöver tacka det hela duolingo laget för den här kursen. Jag har bott 22 månader i sverige och jag kan redan prata och skriva språket med bara några problemer. Båda mina SFI lärarer och mina vänner kan inte ens tro att jag här lärt mig svenska så snabbt så jag berättar för dem att det är tack vare er att jag har gjort det (faktist sitter jag och pratar med en vän på svenska medan jag skriver det hät). Såklart försäker jag att prata så mycket som jag kan på spraket till och med om är jag inte säkert om hur man säger något, dessutom har jag läst tre bocker på svenska men jag skulle aldrig har kommit hit så snabbt utan er. Ett tusen tackar!

    P.S Jag hoppas att min gramatik är ok eftersom jag fick ingen hjälpa på det.


    Contragulations alla! Jag lärde mig mycket.


    Thought this would be an appropriate place to say - the moderation on this course is exceptional. I would say it is the best of any of the courses I've seen, which is surprising seeing as the team at Duolingo seems to only pay attention to German, French, and Spanish nowadays. Thank you to all of the moderators, you answer all of the questions on every sentence, even the ones that don't make much sense. Your responses are always helpful and detailed. Thanks for the great course! :)


    I could not agree more although I do not take any other courses on Duolingo. Patience and depth of the answers are hard to match. My big thanks as well!


    Det är så mycket bra att se den här meningen :) Det tog mig fyra månader. Jag är så glad nu :)


    YAYYYY I did it!!! på 3/272020 har jag klarat det här trä


    Congratulations! Good job!

    You may be interested in learning that Sweden, like the rest of Europe, uses day/month/year instead of month/day/year. Or, better yet: year-month-day. :)


    Tack så mycket! This course helped me survive in Sweden, though I was forced to leave early due to the pandemic...


    Why 'congrats' is not acceptable here? Yet it was accepted in an exercise few moments ago (like: Congrats! It is a boy)


    Adding one synonym in one place and then having to add it everywhere else in the tree is really cumbersome, since the software wasn't built to handle that. So contributors largely rely on the report option to have it added in multiple locations. That said, I think it's a little too colloquial to accept anywhere.


    Actually it is too colloquial for me too. :) I did not mean to use it but the program prompted it and as it worked once and saves time... well why not? :) Thanks for explaining the above. Will report any further discrepancies.


    That's fair. I'd have done the same. :)


    Thank you for everything!


    Cue 'Theme from Rocky' Tack så mycket svenska Två Lingo!


    Tack :) Grattis alla!!


    Tack för allt! Ni är underbara :)


    Tack så mycket! Den här kursen var verkligen rolig!


    Tack så mycket! I started this course a few months ago, when the children had to stay home from school because of the coronacrisis. I planned on finishing when their summer vacation started and - hurray - I succeeded! Thanks very much moderators. You must be so proud of your language, since you put so much effort in it. I live in the northern part of The Netherlands, Fryslân. The Frisian language has many similarities to the Swedish language, especially in the sound. Hope to visit your beautiful country soon!


    Tack så mycket Duo!


    What is meant by Swedish tree?


    Basically the entire course. If you look at the list of skills, it loosely resembles a tree structure. Each iteration of the course is called a separate tree, although Swedish only has one released iteration.


    Tack så mycket! Jag vill ta tillfället att tacka dig för din hjälp och ge svar på mina frågor! Min fru ( hon är svenska) och jag använd svenka mycket mer! Problemet är att mitt ordförråd är tämligen begränsad! Tiden Kommer att fixa det. Ti ringrazio moltissimo, Carlo


    You're very welcome! I'm glad it's helpful for you.


    Thank you moderators and congratulations to everyone who got to this point!


    Tack så mycket :)


    Tack! Och tack så mycket för den här kursen! Ni rockar fett!

    Det tog mig tvåhundra dagar för att göra allt. Jag känner att mitt svenska är ganska bra nu och jag ska förbättra mitt svenska varje dag. Nästa mål - Swedex B2.


    what about 'har cleared' as in: [with object] get past or over (something) safely or without touching it: the plane rose high enough to clear the trees | she cleared 1.50 metres in the high jump.


    We don't really have that verb in Swedish, so we'd use separate descriptions for each of the above.


    I've got to say I've done a few different courses on Duolingo and this has been the most useful/entertaining one I've done. Tack så mycket!


    Tack så mycket jag har lärt mig så mycket. Har en bra däg!


    Yay! Haahahahahahahaah!


    Thank you ever so much for this course. Reading the comments along these months has been delightful again and again. I have really enjoyed the effort some people put in their linguistic explanations. All the cultural aspect was a definite plus. The atmosphere of this course is so cozy, welcoming, inclusive, learned and polite. An unforgettable experience. Thank you!


    Tack så mycket för den här kursen! ❤️


    So many eloquent and heartfelt thanks but one more can't hurt. Thank you so much for such an impressive course. I don't usually like to be an "old age mentioner" (English pun) , but I never imagined that I could learn a new language when 74 years old! Thank you for the clarity, and for the humour. Lynda


    Congratulations, Lynda! I am proud to say that we genuinely don't care about the age of our learners. You can never be too old, nor too young, to learn things.


    Ahhhh thank you! It only took me 3 years lol


    Today (January 2 2021) I completed the Swedish-English tree for the second time! I have been learning Swedish on Duolingo since it was in Beta 6+ years ago. I would especially like to thank the SV-EN moderators - @Anrui, @Arnauti, @devalanteriel, @Lundgren8, @SuperSvensk, @Zrmrlina (Mr. IceCream :)) and the others I can't name. Your dedication to this course is amazing! Learning Swedish on Duolingo has exposed and pulled me out of my English-centric and USA-centric view of the world and for that I am deeply grateful. Thank you to everyone - mods and fellow SV learners alike - for the thoughtful dialog in these forums. This, even more than the Duo SV lessons themselves, has enriched my learning of Swedish. I will continue to learn Swedish through other means but for now I will turn to learning Norwegian here on Duolingo! So thank you and have a safe, healthy, and happy 2021. Candy Cady (aka SvenskaSisyphus)


    Great job - again! :)


    Mitt andra träd är klart, grattis till mig :) Stort tack för alla moderatorer


    What is the Swedish tree?


    Courses on Duolingo are often called trees, because they resemble a tree with a stem and branches when you look at the skills.

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