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  5. "I am already in the café."

"I am already in the café."

Translation:Я уже в кафе.

November 17, 2015



Which syllable is stressed in "уже"?


It's on the "е" here. If the stress is on "у" it's actually a different word that translates as "narrower."


OK, thanks. How do you know which it is? From the context?


Yep, when written that's pretty much all you've got.


I thought word order in Russian was free? I could be completely wrong, my Russian isn't very good yet. :)


Russian has freer word order than English, but word order and sentence construction are not arbitrary. In this case, I recommend not overthinking it too much. For now just know that "уже," means "already," and you will get to comparative adjectives later in the course, which are used differently.


So would I get in trouble if I tried to write "I am in the narrower cafe"? Or would that not work because уже would be in the wrong case?


Here it's not really a question of case, since neither variant declines or has a case (one is an adverb, the other a comparative adjective). Because of the way this sentence is contructed, "уже" can only be modifying you, not the cafe.


OK, I'll take your advice. Merci и спасибо!


Why B is included in the sentence???


Я - I уже - already кафе - cafe What is missing? в means "in"


Why is this wrong? я в кафе уже


I think it's different because that way you would be putting the focus on "already", it would sound like you were starting to get irritated at someone, saying, "I am already at the café"., Or at least that's what I understood.


Changing the word order in Russian always changes the tone (and sometimes meaning) of the sentence, And I agree, "я в кафе уже" has some irritation in it. Let's set an example: you and your friend agreed to go meet in the cafe. You arrive first and a couple of minutes later you get a call from your friend, who has overslept and needs an hour to get ready and arrive in the cafe. Your friend says that maybe you should reschedule. You aswer, exasperated: "I am already in the cafe". And in Russian you would say: "Я в кафе уже".


Would also like a fluent Russian speaker to explain this one!


I'll see about asking my Russian friend about this syntax next week. I'll try to get back to this thread with what I find out.


got something?


It should be Я уже в кафе because you wrote: I am cafe already.


Damn ! I feel like i am doing mathematics!


I want a button to pronounce the answer after I get it


When are we supposed to use the word "ту" (the) ?


Ive taken five semesters of Russian language, and ive never once seen or heard that word. So im guessing youre not going to use it.


I have taken two semesters of Russian and never seen that word. It might be archaic.


Я в кафе уже might not be standard word order, but emphasizes that you are already in the café, and is still correct grammar, but it was marked wrong.


This doesnt make any sense how do I TYPE in Russian if I dont have a Russian keyboard?


Theres a app called facemoji keyboard and u can change the languages on it  


Is в always necessary to use?


It means "in", so...


why do I get punished for putting "the" in when it says it has a translation


Articles do not exist in Russian like they do in English. Кафе́ could be "café", "a café" or "the café", and only context decides which.


[deactivated user]

    I always get the ш and ж mixed up


    Just remember, ш ≈ sh (/ʂ/), while ж ≈ zh (/ʐ/). They're romanised as š and ž, and they're as different as s and z or k and g are in the Latin alphabet.



    I forgot the в


    R Я wоw not much of a difference


    Does anybody have the french translation for that ? x) did they use "кафе" for "caffé" but it means "bar/bistro" ?


    why is "я в уже кафе" wrong


    I think you can't separate в from кафе

    [deactivated user]

      What's wrong with saying, "я уже в эта кафе?"


      Я уже в ЭТОМ кафе.

      [deactivated user]

        ЭТОМ translates to THIS, but the sentence above is "I am already in THE café." Is it the same, or is there a different word for "the?" I'm just curious. Thank you very much for your response.


        "this" translates to "этот/это/эта". "the" can be translated like "this" or can be skipped. "I am already in this кафе" = "Я уже в этом кафе". "I am already in the cafe" = "Я уже в кафе" or "Я уже в этом кафе". Both variants are correct.


        Ahh comon sometimes i click continue but i didnt finish Try to put are you sure you want to continue


        i thought it was Я уже там кафе


        What sound does ж, ю and ш make?

        Sorry im really confused


        Ж is the “zh” sound, like the s in measure. Ш is an “sh” sound, like in share. Щ, which you did not mention, is latinized as “shch.” The modern pronunciation, however does not differ much, if at all, from ш. Ю sounds like the English word “you.” Hope this helped!

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