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Cheating using Google translate on Duolingo?

I had a student that supposedly clicked on Google translate to automatically translate the Spanish phrases for her... So instead of Spanish phrases showing on word box it was all in English. Then she could not undo it. When she saw that I was walking by checking their work she said that she just clicked something and it turned into english. Can someone please explain how this could happen and how do we fix the problem? Thank you. Jeanette

November 17, 2015



This sounds like a built-in browser feature, rather than an issue with Duolingo. If you're using Google Chrome for instance, it will automatically offer to translate pages that aren't in your "normal" language. This page has some instructions for how to access and configure those settings (I assume the student followed the process shown in the embedded video to make the page translate initially).


Hi! I am not sure I understand the problem. Did she change her Duolingo interface to English (if so, from which language)? There are instructions of how to change the Duolingo language back in the Duolingo help page. I am not sure I understand how Google comes into the picture. When you say "turned it into English", what do you mean? Please explain what the issue is currently so we can try to fix it! Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :|

[deactivated user]

    I think youre talking about Google chrome's auto-translating system. to undo this just go to settings then you scroll it down to "languages" and it'll be like duo

    Just uncheck the box "offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read"

    Hope I helped you


    I think you and writchie4 got it, thanks for puzzling it out and for the instructions to fix it. Best community ever. <3


    I believe you have...Thank you!


    Hi, Is she using google chrome as the web browser? it might be the google translator extension from the google chrome webstore. simply go the settings and below down you can see the extension area. uninstall it or you can just disable it...


    I believe it was Google Chrome. I'll check the translator extension. THX!


    Yes you can cheat that way


    I am learning Ukrainian at home, and if I really get stuck, I use Google Translate, but only when I really can't get something. Maybe you could suggest this to your student.

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