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  5. "What kind of bread is this?"

"What kind of bread is this?"

Translation:Что это за хлеб?

November 17, 2015



Perhaps this is discussed elsewhere, but would someone be willing to explain the difference between "Что это за...?" and "какое...?" Thanks.


I think "Что это за...?" is "what kind of a..."

and "какое...?" is "which..."


"что ... за..." means what kind of... is...

"что это за" means what kind of ... is this

Just a little detail.


[ что это за ] ‧ is a fixed phrase used as a routine inquiry, rhetorical question and exclamatory expression. The phrase meanings are broader than the, [ кака́я како́й како́е каки́е ] [ what ] [ what kind of ] inquiry.

‧ что это за книга ‧ what a book it is ‧ ru.wikisource.org/wiki/Братья_Карамазовы_(Достоевский)/Книга_шестая/IIwww.klassika.ru/read.html?proza/dostoevskij/karams.txt&page=70books.google.com/books?isbn=163537085X

‧ Мадемуазель, что это за книга? ‧ Miss, are you sure this is the same notebook? ‧ Сериал Отряды-Тигров 1974-1983 ‧ Tiger Brigades ‧ 1974-1983 ‧ vvord.ru/Otryadyi-tigrov-7.htmlvvord.ru/tekst-filma/Otryadyi-tigrov/www.film.ru/movies/otryady-tigrov

Что это за штука ‧ What is this thing ‧ pikabu.ru/story/chto_yeto_za_shtuka52_6282254 ‧ pikabu.ru/story/chto_yeto_za_shtuka51_6232893 ‧

что это за ‧ ‧ Such/What a, Who is, What sort, What is up/going-on with, Who/What the heck, What is/are the/those/these ‧ ‧ www.babla.ru/русский-английский/что-это-за ‧ ‧ context.reverso.net/translation/russian-english/что+это+за ‧ ‧

Что это за чудо? ‧ What is this miracle?
Что это за гора? ‧ What mountain is that?
Что это за мусор? ‧ What is all this garbage / rubbish?
Что это за напиток? ‧ What is this drink / beverage?
риторический вопрос ‧ rhetorical question


It seems it introduces an element of surprize, puzzlement, disbelief, or indignation according to the context and probably the intonation.


When i click on "kind" it translates to Kakoe, when i use Kakoe it says wrong...


"Хлеб" is a masculine noun, so it used with "какой". "Какая" is used with feminine, "какое" with neuter.


Doesn't accept answers with kakoj though.


Surely the difficulty here with за is not its usage but the fact that this lexis hasn't been introduced at all up until this question! That's hardly fair!


But after reading this thread you know it well! You will get used to the Duolingo method of introducing concepts cold after a short period.


why can you not say "какой это хлеб?"


That translates to "What bread is this"; it seems correct but Duolingo probably wants you to be more specific with using the word "за"


почему ''какой это хлеб'' нет правильно?


I wrote 'что за хлеб это?'. Impossible?


Your choice is a bit akward (it is better to use the choice from the task, because it's more widely used), but it is a correct one. I think it will be added soon.


Thanks for the reply. Noted. I'll try to keep to the more natural order.


That's what I wrote, too. It was marked wrong two years later.


Thank you for this explanation. Regarding the awkwardness.... Is it possible that one of those two phrases means something more like, "what the hell kind of sorry excuse for bread is this?" as a native Slovak speaker, I get that kind feeling that the implication is "what is wrong with this bread, it's not normal, something is off"


This was my question too


Shouldnt it supposed to be хлеба, because of instrumental case?


I run into a similar mistake, but as it turns out "что за" requires the nominative when used, like here, with the specific meaning of "what kind of", though there appear to be other constructions with different meanings for which the instrumental or the accusative are used


Thanks man, got it. Seems another exception.


I just got done doing the "What kind of artists are these" and the instrumental is used in that case... Very little consistency it seems...


The older a language is, the more such 'rule of thumb' or exceptions will occur. Just gotta live with it!


I believe that the right answer is "какой это хлеб" I mean, I searched on google translator and the sentence used for "what kin of thing" is actually "какой" whereas the " что это за" means something like " what is this" ... so it makes me really confused


The suggestions for what kind of is какое, but is rejected by duolingo. I demand for an explanation


The above translation does not make sense to me at all. What this for bread?


What's wrong with 'Какие зто хлеб?'


What would it mean if I say "Что хлеб за это"?


It is very akward. It looks like you don't know how to say it in Russian.


what's wrong with 'Какое это хлеб?'


Это какой (вид, сорт) хлеба? Это какой хлеб? Какой это хлеб?

"Что это за хлеб?" звучит вызывающе, с нажимом (небольшим давлением) на человека (продавца хлеба или того кто его уже купил а другой у него спрашивает об этом)

p.s. Не отрицаю что интонацией можно скрасить любой вопрос, но...

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