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  5. "Jeg tar en appelsin."

"Jeg tar en appelsin."

Translation:I am taking an orange.

November 17, 2015



Can this also mean "I'll have an orange" in the same sense as "I'll take a coffee"?


Yes, at least if you nod in the direction of a bowl of assorted fruit.


Can I use this also to order something at a restaurant or there's a better way to say it?


Can tar also be using like 'can I have?' e.g. Tar jeg en applesin? (Would this be 'Can I take an apple?'


You could say: "Kan jeg ta en appelsin?", but it is more common (and sounds more polite, I would say) to use what Wylga says, "Kan jeg få en appelsin?". "Tar jeg en appelsin" would mean something like "Am I taking an orange?". And if you did grab one just then you would know, right?


I think you would rather use 'kan jeg få' in that case, which translates to 'can I get'. So it would be 'kan jeg få en applesin?' But I don't know if the other one is acceptable too.


"Kan jeg ta en appelsin?" is something you can say visiting a friend and there are some oranges on the table.

"Kan jeg få et glass vann?" is something you can say if you are thirsty.


Tar means get too?


"To get" in Norwegian is "Å få".


Is there a difference between 'am taking' and 'took'?


"Jeg tar" means: I take / I am taking. However, "Jeg tok" means I took.

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