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  5. "Jeg tar en appelsin."

"Jeg tar en appelsin."

Translation:I am taking an orange.

November 17, 2015



Can this also mean "I'll have an orange" in the same sense as "I'll take a coffee"?


Yes, at least if you nod in the direction of a bowl of assorted fruit.


Can I use this also to order something at a restaurant or there's a better way to say it?


Can tar also be using like 'can I have?' e.g. Tar jeg en applesin? (Would this be 'Can I take an apple?'


You could say: "Kan jeg ta en appelsin?", but it is more common (and sounds more polite, I would say) to use what Wylga says, "Kan jeg få en appelsin?". "Tar jeg en appelsin" would mean something like "Am I taking an orange?". And if you did grab one just then you would know, right?


I think you would rather use 'kan jeg få' in that case, which translates to 'can I get'. So it would be 'kan jeg få en applesin?' But I don't know if the other one is acceptable too.


"Kan jeg ta en appelsin?" is something you can say visiting a friend and there are some oranges on the table.

"Kan jeg få et glass vann?" is something you can say if you are thirsty.


Tar means get too?


Is there a difference between 'am taking' and 'took'?

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