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Thank you Duolingo!

Coming into this month, I had never learned or taken French. I started taking lessons through Duolingo and very intently observing and analyzing the explanations before each section. Already being able to speak Spanish coupled with the incredible lessons provided by Duolingo enabled me to test out of two semesters of French and place into third semester French at my university. It just really goes to show that if you put in the time and effort on this incredible app/website, it will help you tremendously. Merci Duolingo!

November 17, 2015



Awesome!!!! Felicidades, that is a great.


Awesome job! Stuff like this motivates me and others to do their best or at least better!


i have never learned much French until i tried Duolingo, as well!


Wonderful news, Nate! I had never taken French either, and I just finished the entire French tree, amazed at all I have learned. Yes it is truly amazing what Duolingo does - and what our minds can do when we are committed to something. Félicitations, mon ami!


Good job that's fantasquic

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