"Эти люди едят суп."

Translation:These people are eating soup.

November 17, 2015

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We never talk, that we drink soup here in Russia. It is very fun for me. I drink tea, water or juice. Some people drink vodka, but no one drinks the soup. :) I drink the broth - it is normal. "Я пью бульон" , but "Я ем суп." I hope, that my comment is helpful. :)


In Spanish we drink it xD -- Every language does it differently ;D


In Turkish they drink not only soup, but cigarettes as well. XD


Lol, native Turkish speaker here, you are giht xD


can anyone explain me the difference between "люди" and "людей"?


Basically люди is the normal form and людей is the form when it's an object (accusative) or genitive.


I've never heard "beber sopa".


but "tomar", is very frequent, and "tomar" is for drinks. Tomar sopita mmmm,


I have never heard the meaning of "tomar sopa" as to drink, but as take. I wonder


In Malayalam, we say 'drink' for everything we drink ;D


Knew "Люди" before seeing the translation. Thanks t.A.T.u., songs really help.


AH, SO THAT'S WHAT THAT SONG MEANS!!!! So Инвалиды IS a cognate? Does the song mean "invalid people"? Or at least as a literal translation?

I looked it up on Google translate just to double check, (but you can never trust it entirely), and apparently it means disabled people?

Also- I need to metaphorically give you a sturdy High-five for listening to one of me favorite Русский music groups! (Тату, among other artists, is what got me interested in learning Russian in the first place!)


Yes, it means disabled people. Those who can't love, who can't feel anything... It's one of my favourite t.A.T.u. songs, with All The Things She Said, Cosmos, Obez'yanka Nol' and many more! Here is a lingot buddy, you don't find a t.A.T.u. fan everyday! High-five!


Ah okay. I am not fluent enough -like-at-all- to be able to fully understand lyrics yet. Dx

And yes, out of every Russian music group I've listened to, Тату is one of my favorites, but I also like Руки Вверх!, Вирус, Краски, Демо, Света, and DJ Yan. The rest of my Russian music is either remixes, or only a few songs here and there by random artists that I don't have enough from to warrant a whole folder for their music. (like- seriously only one or two tracks by them) One such example would be "Моя, Моя" by Дмитрий Маликов. That's the only song by him I have, but I have the original and one remix.

Out of all of my Russian music though, I think I like Тату, Руки Вверх!, Света, and Демо the most. In order of most liked to least. «До Утра» by Демо is currently one of my favorite songs because it's so funky/groovy sounding.

Take a listen ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYcjJXPaALo


"Люди" reminds me of "Leute" in German.


What is the difference between люли and людей?


люди is the nominative form, людей is the accusative and genitive form.


Men is a suggested word for люди but it did not accept "These men are eating soup."


And what about 'These folks are eating soup'?


Probably because "men" isn't always equivalent to "people" in English. Men is a word that means a MALE person most of the time. There are very few scenarios in which "men" or its forms mean "humans."

(some of which would be "Mankind", "Man" as in 'The dawn of Man", and in army terms, "Men" are HUMAN soldiers, and I'd say that in Army terms, even if a female is in the army, she would be part of the general's 'men', even if her whole squadron/group/etc. was all female. Look, I don't know army terminology, I just know that they use "men" to refer to soldiers OF ALL SEXES. Or at least they should. Or better yet- invent a new neutral word that means the same thing, or just use the term "soldiers" so it's not sex-biased)


Yes, "a woman can't be a postman, because it has "man" at the end". Hello? Woman has "man" at the end of it. Human has "man" at the end of it. Female has "male" at the end of it. A woman can't be a guy, but two women can be guys. Formal you in Italian German is "Lei and Sie", "She". THAT is misandry my friends! There's something for all you activists out there to fixate on. Or not. Best Wishes! :)


You have a point. The English Language Is very misogynistic/male-dominated/whatever-you-call-it/etc... HOWEVER, I never said a woman isn't a postman because of men in the word, or whatever you were referring to.

Secondly, nothing I said involved misandry. I only made a point that only sometimes the word "man" is not sex-based, where most of the time, in common usage, the word "man" refers to the male sex of human specifically. That is just a statement of fact about how the English language is used.

Thirdly, my views are that of EQUALITY. Among the sexes, among the races, among the attractions, among the identities of people, and just plain people EVERYWHERE. I feel that everybody has rights that need to be acknowledged equally, and why is because of autonomy. I mean- it's not just humans. If some new species were to develop and they had enough intelligence to sustain autonomy, I would want them to have all their rights acknowledged too. This includes anything from a new species evolving on earth, to aliens even. (Think Futurama, where not everybody is a homo-sapiens, but they all have intelligence and autonomy.) So yeah, no matter where or when it happens, if there is an inequality in any regard, I would wish it to be more equal, when it comes to persons.


My point wasn't that it was male dominated or female dominated. It was more that you can see whatever you want in it. I wasn't taking issue with what you wrote. Just adding my own rant. Nor I was calling you an activist, if that's a derogatory term. Maybe I could have used some parenthetical stage direction like (Hud214 addresses activists in viewing public) or some such. In any event sorry for the confusion.


Actually I was agreeing with you. That wasn't a sarcastic "Yes". Although I will concede that sarcastic IS the coin of the realm.


Only in Middle Earth does "men" always describe everyone, lol.


"These humans are eating soup." I know it's an unorthodox way to express this thought in English but still should have been accepted.


Not sure if you are brillant or invading.


If I wanted to be invading I guess alternatively I could have suggested: "These earthlings are ingesting liquid based nutritional phenomenon." ...or sth along those lines.


How do you say "These people eat soup."?


It would be the same.

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