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  5. "Мне так не кажется."

"Мне так не кажется."

Translation:It does not seem so.

November 17, 2015



It seems that "It does not seem that way to me" should also be accepted


It seems that way to me too.


"It does not seem to be so to me"? That's stretching it though ))


Difficult to reason this one out.


I don't see the reason why there's a Мне. ....

[deactivated user]

    This sentence just doesn't seem natural without «мне».

    «Мне так не кажется» is used for refuting someone else's point of view. 'So' / «так» refers to someone else's assumtions. So, if you're refuting someone else's point of view, it means it's still held by someone. So, you can't say «так не кажется», because for the people whose assumtion you're refuting, it does seem so.

    In general, «не кажется» doesn't work well without dative. It's either «мне так не кажется», or «кажется, не так». I.e. if you're making generic sentences, you need to negate the assumption and not the verb казаться.


    Hmm much better, in other words its practically the same as saying:

    To me, it does not seem so.

    The Мне is the reference to yourself / your own belief, and as you clarified, the phrase just doesnt work without it. Thanks !


    However, if you are not refuting something but simply stating what something seems to be to you, you can definitely (at least colloquially) skip the Мне. Literally every other sentence one of us said in the class I just took on Мастер и Маргарита began Кажется...

    [deactivated user]

      It doesn’t work well with «так».

      «Кажется» is often used as a parenthetical word (similar to «наверное»), it’s not treated as a full sentence, it’s a parenthetical word to comment on the plausibility of some other sentence.

      But when you use «так», you’re creating a full sentence. And as a full sentence, «так [не] кажется» sounds quite unnatural, unlike «мне так [не] кажется».


      Agreed. I was just commenting on the more parenthetical use of кажется (or perhaps here its usage is more similar to по-моему)


      Shouldn't "It doesn't seem like it to me." work?


      It doesn't appear so should be accepted, no?


      Can i say:<< мне не так кажется. ?>>

      [deactivated user]

        It could mean ‘It seems differently to me’, but it doesn’t sound too natural. There are better ways to say this.


        It does not seem to me is enought no need for it


        Also you do not have to say much reading good enought a lot of reading


        I'm treating this as an idiomatic phrase. I just hope it's used frequently enough in Russian to make memorizing it worthwhile.


        The idiom "I don't think so" sounds most natural in English.


        "It doesn't seem to me" not correct


        "It would not seem so to me".. Was my answer. I think there are many variations to saying this.


        why is the word order like this? Does someone know the rule for sentence structure in russian?


        Мне ? It is not present in the answer. Right answer should be: "it does not seem me so" (or "seem me like that")

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