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Hello, friends of Duolingo! I'm working to gain what I had lost.

Hello everyone! I'm a native English speaker, and I am learning Russian here. This is my first post here, and I already feel the warm effects of the Duolingo community!

Of all of the languages in the world, I settled on learning Russian a few years ago, as I am ethnically Russian. My progress so far has been almost zero and I regret it. Not too long ago (just over a year ago), I had to take Spanish II, a required class in my high school (that I didn't care about). It caused me to mix up Russian and Spanish into "Russpanish". My Russian skills that I had worked so hard to achieve ended up deteriorating fast (by January, I no longer had motivation to study Russian). When that class was over this June, I realized I had lost almost all of my knowledge of Russian in the struggle. I ended up basically losing what I had worked so hard to achieve, and I still have hostile feelings towards my Spanish II teacher to this day.

With Duolingo, I now plan to start over with Russian. The very first lessons here are already showing me how much I had forgotten. They're fairly easy so far (I think of them as friendly reminders), and I'm working on resolidifing my skills there before I move on to what will be new to me. I'm looking forward to eventually meeting cases, verbs of motion, irregular conjugations, etc. And most importantly, new vocabulary. I forgot almost every Russian word. And now I am healing the scars from that tragic past with Duolingo and moving forward to a new basic working knowledge of Russian. I will undo the damage that had been done to me, and regain my former skills. I hope that you will support me as I work to undo the damage that has been done. I will regain that I had lost in the recent struggle against my former Spanish teacher.

November 18, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Lol, you are exaclty like me, except that I take french In highschool (altough I hate it/ Have too for the credits) and it gets in the way of learning languages I actually like.

    Good luck , I know the feeling!


    I guess we're stuck in the same boat.


    Welcome to Duolingo!

    I hope you had a warm welcome to our community!

    I wish you the best of studies and the success in your future! I have given you 10 Lingots as a welcoming gift!


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    Thanks! That was a pleasant surprise. I'm used them on a freeze my streak for one day. Real life struck.


    Reminding yourself of what you had lost is always faster/easier than learning it in the first place. :) I always find that to be true with my Italian. I haven't been to Italy in quite some time, but I know that if I went there, I would pick it right back up. :)


    This seems to be true for my Russian so far. I've learned рюкзак and тарелка. Those were my first new Russian words. I'm learing something!


    Good luck on relearning Russian!

    I took Russian in high school because it interested me more than Spanish and French, and I liked the teacher. It was so hard to remember anything and I never tried to learn anymore of it, until I found Duolingo! Now I'm finding that I remember more than I thought, and I'm hoping someday I can be nearly fluent. I found a Russian version of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Silmarillion at a Russian store nearby, and I'm hoping that will keep me motivated!


    I wish I attended your high school.


    Haha it wasn't that great, but we were one of the few schools in the area to offer Russian as a language option.


    Lucky... I had to take Spanish because it was required.


    This was basically me and Finnish... Good luck with your studies! :)


    Good luck with your studies. Motivation is the key.


    I can agree with you on that. When you're not motivated, you don't want to learn.


    I did the same thing, except I simply didn't have many good resources to learn Russian prior to duolingo, so I kind of tried learning it passively. I talked with some Russian friends who spoke English and got input from them.

    I'm not going to say it was completely ineffective but it didn't get me to any acceptable level for the time that it consumed.


    I feel like I'm in the same boat. I'll probably converse with native speakers later on down the road, but for now, I'm improving my basic skills in Russian.


    Здравствуйте! I was on the same boat as you! I hate my Spanish studies, and I am an odd language learner. I don't care about Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German. I like Russian quite a bit, and I am getting much better at the Cyrillic alphabet, four days ago I didn't even know how to read радио (radio). Don't give up!


    Thanks for the encouragement.


    I also have problems with Russpanish sometimes. :) I took 2 years of Spanish followed by a year and a half of Russian. I hear Spanish more on a regular basis since I live in California, so it can be hard to remember my Russian when I'm hearing Spanish almost everyday, but occasionally I have the opposite problem as well when I am trying to speak Spanish. They are both awesome languages and cultures, and you do not need to forget one to learn the other. Knowing Spanish before Russian was definitely a benefit for me because it gave me the language learning skills to better understand a complex language like Russian. Your brain will sort it all out if you practice enough. Have fun and good luck!


    Thanks. Glad to hear that someone's been in my situation before.


    You really don't completely forget these things, although it seems like it. And if you ask me I'd say that Spanish will help you pick up some Russian. Being upset of course does slow you down.

    Spain is a very popular vacation spot for Russians, by the way.


    Huh. I get what you mean by being upset.


    Aww good luck! I used to be in the same boat as you with French instead of Russian but I got a chance to redeem myself in college instead of duolingo. I still can't speak French that well but at least I can get by with reading and listening. There's a book for 2nd generation russian speakers called Russian for Russians by Olga Kagan.


    I should read that, but I'm still a beginner in Russian. I grew up speaking English all of my life.

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