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  5. "Её парень любит говорить."

"Её парень любит говорить."

Translation:Her boyfriend likes to talk.

November 18, 2015



So "Her boyfriend loves to talk" is marked as wrong and I've seen this pattern all over the course, so a decision must have been made somewhere

What is the correct way of expressing "Her boyfriend loves to talk" in Russian then?


I don't see how that helps in this instance. The concept of "talking" is something that is constant and long lasting, not something fleeting. I don't understand how that precludes the idea that someone can love to talk, when it's something you've been doing since you were a small child.

Can you love playing games? Can you love singing? Why can't you love talking?


My sister-in-law loves to talk. Trouble is, I don't like listening for more than about 3 minutes.


Must have missed that, thank you!


No worries! I started to answer, then I realised Olimo had 1) done all the work and 2) explained better than I probably could in a million years!


This reply from the comment author in the same comment is in direct contradiction to the assumption here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11754722#11757897


In English we can use "loves to talk" in a case like this. "Loves" and "likes" would be interchangeable here. This is not true in the negative case, but this isn't the negative. Why does DL mark "loves" wrong for this english translation.


Wouldn't "её парню нравиться говорить" be a better translation for"her boyfriend likes to talk"?

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