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"Справа от гостиницы есть хороший ресторан."

Translation:There is a good restaurant to the right of the hotel.

November 18, 2015



Should "There is a good restaurant on the right of the hotel" be an acceptable solution? I put this and it was marked as wrong, but I wasn't sure if it could be translated using "on" instead of "to."


I don't think it would be correct English to use "on" here.


Ok I wasn't sure if, grammatically, using "on" was incorrect because conversationally, I would use "to the right of" and "on the right of" interchangeably.


I use them interchangeably, but usually "on the right" expresses location, "to the right" expresses direction when I speak. But it doesn't matter.


Yeah, in English on and to in this case IS equivalent and both acceptable...


Not really - one wouldn't say "on the right of", it's "to the right of


On is not correct grammatically. However, in casual conversation, you were going to see this all the time. As a purist, I would say that it is incorrect, but pragmatically, there really isn't anything wrong with it. For purposes of this course, I actually appreciate Duolingo being more strict here.


As a native English speaker, "just right of the hotel" would be very common to say.


"от" requires genitive right?


it is somewhat unclear why they prefer "the hotel" over "a hotel"


"The hotel" is used because it is a specific hotel. "A hotel" could be any hotel.


"There is a good restaurant on the right of the hotel" was not accepted and I see that this correct solution was discussed a year ago!...and still not accepted. What is doing Duolingo? I am reporting it!


To the right of the hotel there is a good restaurant


Why is «Справа» one word? It's not supposed to be like that.


Because it is. Why is "another" one word? Sometimes when two words really like each other they become one.

Seriously though, "справа" is an adverb, not a preposition+noun.


For some reason I didn't get audio for this question :/


Классно свой язык учить


Why does the "цы"at the end of гостиницы, sound like like "tsu"?


Why after от there is the accusative case and not the genitive?


What i gather from other sources is that "от" mean "away from" or just "from". But when it's used with a direction it mean "to (the left/right/south ect)"?


In fact, it is "справа" that means "to the right" (location: could also be translated "on the right" if alone by itself). So the "to" in the sentence does not come from "от" at all.

So "от гостиницы" means as you say "from the hotel". So справа от гостиницы is literally "to the right from the hotel" or "on the right from the hotel" (you can think of it like: "When calculating positions FROM the hotel, it is on the right"). Of course, this idea in English is written using "of" instead of from, so we arrive at the English translation: "to the right of the hotel".


Does "от" trigger the genitive case?


От inaudible but marked wrong if left out!


I wrote: "there is a good restaurant on the right of the hotel," and Dou didn't accept my answer. I was looking for a rule. And:

If you are moving, then use TO, for example, "When you have gone 20 steps, look to the right". If you are talking about location, use ON, for example, "There is a river on the right" or "There is a good restaurant on the right of the hotel". Is this correct? English native speakers please help me


I think this should be right


What??? Correct sentence and its wrong???


I don't understand the word order. How is this not 'To the right of the hotel, there is a good restaurant'. That's what I gather when I clicked on the words.

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