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Alternative solution: accepted or rejected?

How can I see if the alternative solutions that I have proposed have been accepted or rejected? Or even read...

May 30, 2012

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You get emails about it every once in a while. Of course if more than one user sent feedback about the same mistake, i think only the first one read will receive anything... In my experience, it looks like most, if not everything, that is send why 'report an error' is being read within a day or two. Although that might be different depending on which skill tree you are in, how old (and thus how much mistakes are left) they are, etc.

If you want to check by yourself, you can practice the particular lesson again, or if you remember a not-too-common word in the question you're looking for, search for it in 'vocabulary', 'practice this word' and chances are, you'll end up being asked that question again, so you can test for yourself.

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