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"His girlfriend plays piano well."

Translation:Его девушка хорошо играет на пианино.

November 18, 2015



Why is "Его девушка играет хорошо на пианино" wrong ? Can't you switch up the adverbs and verbs ?


Should "Его подруга играет хорошо на пианино" also be accepted?


I think, yes. It looks good for me.


why is it пианино? What case is that?


It is grammatically in prepositional case, but "пианино" is indeclinable, so its form is the same no matter which case it's in.


спасибо! haha I wish more words were like that


But this is why Russian is super cool (так очень смешно). If it were easy, it would not be the same ;) enjoy learning!!!


You also can say it as "играет на пианинЕ". You will sound like a true Russian gopnik in this case.


"Его девушка хорошо играет на фортепьяно." Is there anything wrong with this or can I report it as correct? I was taught фортепьяно as the general term for piano, with пианино being an upright, spinet or even keyboard, and Рояль being a grand or concert piano. At the very least, all of these terms ought to be accepted for "piano", in my opinion.




1) In good English, you say "play the piano". The version without 'the' may be acceptable in street language, but why would Duolingo be teaching that as a default?

2) Please elucidate if "pianino" is a common Russian word for an upright piano. Checking at wordreference.com, it would, indeed seem that there are only three commonly used words for piano: пианино (upright piano), фортепьяно (upright piano) and рояль (grand piano).

In the other thread, I was left baffled as to why Duolingo would feature a rare instrument like a 'pianino' (the English word 'pianino' refers to an outdated instrument), but I'm starting to realize this is a case of "faux amis"...

Incidentally, the same goes for fortepiano. In English, a fortepiano strictly refers to a historical instrument used in Mozart's and Beethoven's time, but was later replaced by the modern piano. Apparently in Russian you can still say фортепьяно even referring to current upright pianos.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(I have a niche interest in this topic, which is most probably not very interesting for elementary Russian) :)


I'm not sure about Russian but I suppose the difference between the piano and the fortepiano are the same as in Polish (slave language group), in Polish we call "pianino" this wooden rectangular instrument that you can often play at home ( piano) and "fortepiano" for the big triangle one used for concerts.


What is the difference between девочка и девушка?


Dyevochka is a Girl and Debyushka is a Woman.


I think девочка is girl, like a child Девушка is girlfriend or general term for a young woman


Why add "на" here? Drives me nuts!


if you are playing any musical instruement then its a HA, if you are just playing a accusative activity then its a B as in B Football.


What's wrong with: Его девушка играет хорошо на пианино ?


why not "у него девушка хорошо играет на пианино"


That would translate to he has a girlfriend, not his girlfriend.


I agree with Emily Jarre. Any pianist will tell you that the first thing you think of with a piano is a grand piano, and the pianino is the home variety. In Russian, as in English, nobody will ask you whether you can play the pianino. In English, they will ask you whether you can play the piano, and in Russian рояль.


Его девушка играет хорошо на пианино, всё остальное не правильно звучит на русском.


Или как вариант "Его девушка хорошо играет на пианино" только в первом случае идет акцент на слове хорошо, что она хороша в игре на пианино. Во втором предложенном варианте девушка просто хорошо исполняет музыкальное произведение. Тот перевод что предложен в шапке, он не правильный, неуклюжий, построенный не по нормам Русского языка.

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