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"Herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor mu?"

Translation:Are any of you going to the park?

November 18, 2015



Would it be correct to say "Herhangi biriniz parka gidiyor musunuz?" to mean the same thing in English? Why is it only "mu" here?


"biri" means "someone", and "herhangi biri" means "anyone" as in one person (3rd person singular). This is true even when we are saying "one of you guys" (biriniz) or "one of us" (birimiz). So the question is literally asking "Is any one of you going to the park?" Maybe several people will say yes, they are going... but grammatically we are asking a singular question "Is anyone going?" Therefore, mu is singular to match "biri".

However, if we were asking "Are all of you (hepiniz) / some of you (bazılarınız) going to the park?" we would use "musunuz".

I hope that makes sense :-)


it's third person singular and it takes mu


can somebody answer why only mu is used here?


As the previous responses clarified; the question's structure here yields an expression of a singular entity ("any"one) rather than a plural one ("every"one). Thus, you should use a singular "question word" rather than a plural one... So, we are left with either "mu" or "musun", but then, the entity in question being an individual, and you are asking a group, i.e. he/she doesn't represent the group in question (which is a second person plural), thus he/she must be referred to by a (third person singular) interrogative particle which is "mu" in particular. I hope that makes sense, although I'm not an expert; I'm just trying to improve my understanding by explaining!


If 'herhangi' means 'any', could we not say "herhanginiz parka gidiyor mu" to mean the same thing?


biriniz = one of you (Why "one of YOU"? And "one of US? Birimiz?)


Exactly :) one of us = birimiz

Remember that -(i)niz is the possessive ending for "you (plural)".


Ah, ok!!! Thank you!!!


how can you handle all these languages Mizinamo )


One at a time :)


I still don't understand why cant this question end in 'musunuz' if -(i)niz is the possessive ending for 'you (plural)' as you said...


"Is one of you going?"

The possessive "of you" belongs to several people but the possession ("one") is just one person. Only one of you is going.


Hi, I agree absolutely to your explanation but Duo tells as proper answer: Are any of you going to the park. So there have to be several persons going to the park, don't they?


"Biri" still means one person, even when it's "one of you guys" ("Biriniz"). If it helps, you can think of this as "Are any one of you going to the park?"


In English you would have to say, "Is any one of you going to the park?" and actually this is like the Turkish, where the subject of "going" is singular.


are any of you going to the park is proper English! Since herhangi = which, why is "which of you is going to the park?" not correct?


Because a single "mu" is present in the Turkish sentence, it must be phrased as a yes/no question. :-)

Also, just to note: hangi = which; herhangi = any


My answer to this was, "Which of you is going to the park?" and was marked wrong. The correct answer was given as "IS any of you going to the park?" which is certainly wrong English.


Herhangi biriniz...gidiyor mu? That should be: is any of you going... Are any of you going... Herhangi biriniz ...gidiyor MUSUNUZ? Am İ right, or???


You can think of it as "Is any one of you going".


صدا نداره که ؟!!


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It's a pitty that "Is anybody of you going to the park" was not accepted


That would not be correct English. You can say "Is anybody going to the park?"


About "biriniz". Can you tell me who is the possessor of this object? Is it "herhangi"?

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