"Она плохой писатель."

Translation:She is a bad writer.

November 18, 2015

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Sorry, Twilight fans. You know it's true. ;) ;) ;)


And 50 shades of Gray...


Can I just check I understood the adjective here? Is плохой nominative masculine singular because писатель is a masculine noun that is used because there is no separate word found for a female writer?


Yes, you understood correctly. But here everything is a bit more complicated with the senrtence. Grammatically correct to say - "она плохая писательница".

In Russian language, many names of professions use with masculine choice despite interlocutors talk about a woman. It is grammatically incorrect (because it contradicts their genders), but often used. For example:

A feminine choice of the professions below you may hear on TV. They are official:

a teacher - учитель (masculine, single) / учительница (feminine, single);

a writer - писатель (masculine, single) / писательница (feminine, single);

a journalist - журналист (masculine, single) / журналистка (feminine, single);

a painter - художник (masculine, single) / художница (feminine, single);

a boss - начальник/директор (masculine, single) / директриса/начальница (feminine, single);

a principal - директор школы (masculine, single) / директриса школы

a cashier - кассир (masculine, single) / кассирша (feminine, single);

a manager - менеджер (masculine, single) / none - it doesn't have feminine;

This list is not complete. There are only those words which I remembered at a glance.

A feminine choice of professions below you will never hear on TV. They are used only in a common (not offical) conversation (offical they have a masculine choice only) :

a legislator - депутат (masculine, single) / депутатша (feminine, single);

a director - режисёр (masculine, single) / режисёрша (feminine, single);

a doctor - доктор (masculine, single) / докторша (feminine, single);

a doctor - врач (masculine, single) / врачиха (feminine, single, but this word - "врачиха" can be considered impolite);

a general - генерал (masculine, single) / генеральша (feminine, single);

a administrator - администратор (masculine, single) / администраторша (feminine, single);

This list is not complete too.

For describing each profession from the list above, you can use a masculine choice - no one can say that it's not right. But it conflicts with their genders. So I recommend using the name of the profession according to the gender of the employee (if there is such an official choice). I would not recommend using Russian feminine names of professions what do not have an official choice - some of them can be considered impolite.


This is an interesting question. Recently an interviewer began a conversation with Людмила Улицкая by asking whether she preferred to be called a писатель or писательница; she answered that she had no personal preference, either was fine with her. http://pozneronline.ru/2015/12/13302/


As far as I know using a masculine form of an adjective with a masculine form of a noun is grammatically correct even if talking about a female. I may not be politically correct, that is it.


the critics are merciless!

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why does poor adjective have a genitive ending rather than nominative


плохой is nom/sg, too

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