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  5. "Bugün bizim için imkansız."

"Bugün bizim için imkansız."

Translation:Today is impossible for us.

November 18, 2015



can we say imkan withous (sız) if yes how would we use it


imkan = possibility, imkan-sız = without possibility.


imkan = possible. imkan yok = there is no possibility. o imkan değil = it is not possible. imkansız = impossible. The sız changes the structure of the word. That is why anything less (-sız) than possible is impossible. For example, şeker = sugar, şekersiz = sugarless (not without sugar). imkanlı = with possibility, imkanlısız = without possibility. We have to look at how close we can bring Turkish and English together to allow reverse translation without loss of context.


Maybe u can use "not possible" = "imkanı yok" or "mümkün değil" for this sentence, but impossible means " imkanSIZ"


Is this translation wrong?: today is not possible for us.


And, in opposition to the previous question, why can't 'today' be at the end of the sentence as it was (i.e. had to be) there? Cannot the sentence read "It's impossible for us today."..?


Hmmm... I like this proposition, but from a different angle. I read “today” as meaning “on this day”- as being an adverb of time as opposed to being the grammatical subject of the sentence. So in English (USA native English speaker) I would expect the dummy subject “it”, so either: “Today it is impossible for us” or “It is impossible for us today.” Duo’s translation says to me, “For us, this particular day is an impossible day.“ Is it possible that is what is meant here? Maybe so. My kids and I loved a book about “Alexander’s Terrible , Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.“ Thank you Duo and fellow learners!


What is the translation for "today it is impossible for us"??

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