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  5. "Я маю дві дитини."

"Я маю дві дитини."

Translation:I have two children.

November 18, 2015



Kids can be used in place of children in this context (in English).


Yes, if not accepted, please report.


I think it doesn't want you to confuse kids (діти) with children (дитини)


1) Дитина is a very weird word. Singular: дитина. Plural, only with numbers 2,3,4: дві дитини, три дитини, чотири дитини. Not possible without a number e.g. Це мої дитини (х). Not possible with 5 e.g. п'ять дитин (х)

2) Діти is weird too. Singular: either дитя or doesn't exist. Plural: діти. With a number: двоє дітей, троє дітей, четверо дітей, п'ять дітей, шість дітей... Not possible with normal numbers 2,3,4 e.g. Три дітей (х).

But both just mean a child/kid, no difference in the meaning.


Children is also діти


What is difference between "у мене є" and "я маю"? It is the first time i see this form ( маю) in this course D:


Yes, they are basically interchangeable.

У мене є + Nominative (У мене є кіт/дитина/м’ясо/батьки)

Я маю + Accusative (Я маю кота/дитину/м’ясо/батьків)

So, "у мене є" is easier for a learner, no case change :)


Im fairly certain they are mostly interchangeable


Shouldn't мати take accusitive, so Я маю двох дітей rather than Я маю дві дитини?


Both are accepted.

This is a special kind of situation where the plural of "дитина" is "дитини", and the word "діти" also means "children" but does not have a singular form, and neither can it be used with numbers in a standard way (дві діти is wrong). One can use it with the words "двоє", "троє" etc which are special numbers for people. So,

одна дитина - (х)

дві дитини - двоє дітей (Acc: дві дитини, двох дітей)

п'ять дитин (sounds werid to me, I wouldn't use it) - п'ятеро/п'ять дітей (п'ятьох дитин, п'ятьох дітей)

It's a messy strange situation here :') I'm sure it also depends on the region.

I use "двох дітей" more often, just like you said.


I guess the question is more about whether мати as a transitive verb should take the accusative, rather than the "двоє", "троє" vs. "дві" "трі" issue. I presume there's no accusative/genitive plural form of дитина (other than дітей)?


Мати always takes Accusative. Двоє is not accusative, it's another special Nominative form. In accusative it's always "двох" for два or двоє, and дві for дві.


Are you sure the animate accusative of дві is дві? Is it not двох? One would say Вона привітала двох жінок, right, and not Вона привітала дві жінки (or дві жінок), no? Does дитини not function as an animate noun? Is there an accusative/genitive plural form of дитина (other than дітей)?


Oh. WAIT. Thanks. Yes.

Я побачила дві машини (inanimate). Я побачила двох жінок (animate).

But somehow... "Я побачила дві дитини" sounds wrong, it would be "Я побачила двох дітей"; but "Я маю дві дитини" somehow looked OK to me before... Maybe because it was already in the list if translations, so I just assumed the person who added them must have been right? :D

I am utterly confused now. Can some other native speaker drop by and save me? :D

Now I think it's wrong to say "Я маю дві дитини" (only У мене є дві дитини).

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