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"Да, это настоящий книжный магазин."

Translation:Yes, that's a real bookstore.

November 18, 2015


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As opposed to a fake bookstore? What?


Like a front for illegal gambling or a drug operation


I figured they meant a "brick-and-mortar" bookstore, as opposed to a virtual (i.e., online) bookstore.


Don't they mean a "proper" bookstore - not one where they sell books beside video games, sweets a.s.o.? Like one of the old-fashioned bookstores


Must be the the owl-eyed man from the Great Gatsby speaking.


I put "Yes, this is the real bookshop" which was marked wrong (but apparently it would have been marked correct if I had put "a" instead of "the").

Is it wrong?


The suggested answer you get after being marked wrong isn't a reliable indication of why you were marked wrong. It's just as likely you were marked wrong because the word "bookshop" hadn't been added to the system up to that point.


That's a very good thing to keep in mind. I'm sure most people wouldn't realise this


Both are correct, Russian does not distinguish between a and the.


Actually, there is some distinction, depending on word order. For instance, whenever a noun comes later in the sentence, it implies that it is a new piece of information, therefore "a/an" is more necessary than "the", because it is indefinite, unless otherwise specified. I'm pretty sure this rule doesn't apply to this particular translation, but I just wanted to pass along the info that someone else gave me when I made the same assumption. =)


Я некогда не был в книжном магазине, потому что в Швеции библиотеки – бесплатные. В России, библиотеки бесплатные?


Да, все библиотеки, о которых я знаю, бесплатные, в них можно взять книжку к себе домой почитать. Но в них, как правило, меньший выбор литературы, не всегда бывают научные новинки, например. В Петербурге замечательные книжные магазины ^_^


I think every sentence using the word "real" here is a bit unnatural and a bit of a "stretch". Maybe this word shouldn't have been introduced until later, when more natural or relevant sentences can be displayed.


Да, это настоящий книжный магазин = Yes this is a genuine book store/book shop. 'Genuine' would be a better choice of word than 'real' surely??



I remember using дом книг in Russia. Is my memory correct?


In the US, there's a chain of restaurants named IHOP: "International House of Pancakes".

They sell pancakes, etc. The store is not made of pancakes, which would be interesting.

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I think, it was "Дом книги".


"All TRUE bookstores", was the original term for the "Scotsman" fallacy.... True story


Does pretty much every noun have a corresponding relational adjective?


It would be better if you did not abbreviate. Yes, that is a real bookstore

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