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  5. "автобусная остановка"

"автобусная остановка"

Translation:a bus stop

November 18, 2015



"Bus station? " is that "Autobusnaya Stanciya?"


One of the possible translations of "остановка" is "station", so yes, why is "bus station" not allowed? :(


I think you could translate остановка as station only in the sense of 'our next stop', this is the literal meaning of station, after all. The thing/place itself is smaller than a station, with a simple shelter rather than a building.


it all depends on the country ! so "station" should be accepted because it is also the meaning of the word.


It seems also to be автостанция, автовокзал or автобусный вокзал sometimes


вокзал is a train station, so I am guessing that автовокзал is a Bus Station for intercity busses


Yep, here's the one in Yerevan (conveniently labeled):


Ха-ха! Много люди в Армении знают русский?


Все, мне показалось :)


На самом деле, я думал, что больше вещей были написаны на русском, чем на армянском.


Согласно русской Википедии, только 0,9 процентов жителей Армении – носители русского языка, хотя русский обясательный предмет в школе. Поэтому, примерно 70 % насления Армении знают русский более-менее.

Там написано:

В Армении русский язык не имеет официального статуса, однако широко распространён, им владеет около 70 % населения страны. Русский язык является обязательным предметом для изучения в школах Армении.

Это интересно!


Armenia was a part of the USSR where the official language was Russian.


Can this sentence be translated as "bus station"? Or is "bus stop" better for some reason?


A bus stop is different to a bus station. A bus stop is the shelter/fixed point on the side of the road where a bus stops to pick people up and let them off. A bus station is the large building/terminal where there are lots of buses waiting to go off to various locations. It's usually the starting point and/or final destination of the bus's journey. "Bus station", as someone said above, is translated as "автовокзал".


'Bus stop' alone is not accepted.

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