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"Her things are in the kitchen."

Translation:Її речі на кухні.

November 18, 2015



When I see "на кухні", my intuition is to translate that as "on the kitchen." By default, I would have used "в кухні". Why does "на" mean "in" here? And would "в" be clear to Ukrainian speakers?


For some reason kitchen is the only room that uses "на". It's "у ванні" (in the bathroom), "у вітальні" (in the living room), "у спальні" (in the bedroom) and so on, but "на кухні" (in the kitchen).

The only other part of the house that I can think of that uses "на" is "на балконі" (on the balcony), but it's kind of outside of the house so it's not a room to be inside of. Maybe the kitchens used to be treated as an outside part of the household? :)


That's because спальня is just a room and nothing more. And кухня is any place where you have an oven and cook food. It may be a part of other room or it may be even outside of a house (літня кухня). Even the kitchen set itself is called кухня


That really clarifies. Thanks so much!


So yeah, we never say "в кухні", it would be confusing to Ukrainian speakers...


Yeah, I have a bad habit of using в when I should use у. Thanks for pointing that ou.t


Keyboard not have thirteenth letter


Maybe if I imagine "her stuff (or whatever else) is on the stove" I'll remember "на кухні" instead of "у кухні". :-р


I write її but it is not accepted

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